Building a minimum viable product (MVP) is something all startups do, but it's an unusual process. Unlike a prototype, MVPs focus your build on the necessary features first so you can get to market quickly and then return to add features as you scale. In this upcoming VB Live event, we’ll share some of the tools and methodologies for building your MVP on AWS. Find out how to pick the right technologies and use pre-configured architectures to speed up your development.

For early-stage startups, the goal of your MVP is to iterate quickly, trying new concepts, and deploying rapidly for early adopters. Usage data and customer feedback on your MVP is key to helping you zero in on what will make your product successful. Cloud services like AWS speed up your experimentation cycles, getting your product in front of customers faster, making it easier to add functionality as you get feedback, and lets you quickly expand your product’s functionality and feature set without having to stop and re-architect.

One reason startups choose AWS is because AWS enables startups to lower costs, become more agile, and innovate faster. But diving into building an MVP can be overwhelming. In this webinar, you will learn how to navigate the AWS cloud platform, choose the right technology for your use case, and successfully develop a minimum viable product in order to propel your startup on the path to success. (Plus, by signing up for AWS Activate, you’ll receive free tools, resources, architecture guidance, technical support, and up to $100,000 in AWS credits and so much more to help your startup succeed.)

Presented by VentureBeat x AWS.
  • Best practices for developing a minimum viable product
  • How cloud services make product development more agile
  • How to increase functionality without rearchitecting, and get to market fast
  • How to take advantage of the AWS Activate program for free tools and credits
Jarrett Wendt
CEO, Spoke Safety
Jarrett Wendt is a recognized entrepreneur, having led multiple private companies from inception through to divestiture as well as founding transformative businesses. Jarrett is co-founder and CEO of Spoke, the world’s first connected VRU2X ™ company to leverage dedicated C-V2X chip sets, together with LTE/5G modem-based Basic Safety Messages connecting cars to VRU’s and VRU’s to cars. Spoke utilizes automotive grade HW/SW/Cloud Applications, and in partnership with Qualcomm, the first to introduce a reimagined form factor allowing a true C-V2X embedded solution scaling with OEM bicycle, motorcycle, and scooter partners globally. Spoke is headquartered in Denver, Colorado and Torino, Italy.
Kumar Chivukula
Co-Founder & CTO, Opsera
Kumar is an entrepreneur and a visionary executive with 20+ years of experience accelerating digital transformation and business growth at Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies like Adobe and Symantec.

Kumar has built high-performing teams in IT strategy and architecture in Cloud, DevOps and large scale SaaS platforms with a customer first mindset. Kumar is currently the CTO and co-founder of Opsera helping build and scale a DevOps Continuous Orchestrator solution, so companies can deliver software faster, safer and secure. He loves building innovative products and solutions while working with awesome teams
Chris Munns
Technical Leader/Advisor, Startups, Amazon Web Services
Chris Munns is the Tech Lead & Advisor for the Startup Solution Architecture organization at Amazon Web Services. Chris works with peers at AWS on how to better support AWS's startup customers and directly engages with helping hot startups overcome complex technical challenges. In a little over 9 years at AWS, Chris led Developer Advocacy for AWS Serverless technologies, was the global Business Development Manager for DevOps technologies, and was a Solutions Architect in the early days of the AWS field. Before AWS, Chris held senior operations engineering posts at Etsy, Meetup, and other NYC based startups. Chris has a Bachelor of Science in Applied Networking and System Administration from the Rochester Institute of Technology.
Trent Dethloff
Senior PMT, AWS Activate, Amazon Web Services
Seth Colaner
Moderator, VentureBeat
Seth is a longtime tech journalist who has covered a wide swath of the tech sphere, including personal computing, the cloud, cybersecurity, mobile, virtual reality, and AI.
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