Enterprises are sitting on an immense, ever-growing amount of data – and that data is the key to unlocking insights to better inform business decisions, increase velocity, and keep them ahead of the competition. In other words, everything AI has to offer.

Unfortunately, too many enterprises are facing barriers to actually exploding the potential of that data. Departments are working in silos, which means efforts are often duplicated, tools are redundant, or teams are stuck working with legacy tools. Plus, with no communication or coordination across departments, there's no company-wide vision, as projects multiply and data strategies become fragmented. In the end, AI often remains an unfulfilled promise – until it's aligned with big-picture company goals.

In this VB On-Demand event, join industry experts as they dig into how enterprises can make AI and machine learning a company-wide reality, from the strategies that unlock greater collaboration and automation, to modernizing the tech stack to tackle complex business problems and more!

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  • How enterprises are leveraging AI and machine learning, NLP, RPA and more
  • Defining and implementing an enterprise data strategy
  • Breaking down silos, assembling the right teams and increasing collaboration
  • Identifying data and AI efforts across the company
  • The implications of relying on legacy stacks and how to get buy-in for change
Paula Martinez
CEO and Co-Founder, Marvik
Paula Martínez cofounded Marvik, a machine learning consulting and development company that specializes in Computer Vision, Predictive Analytics and Natural Language Processing. Paula is an Electrical Engineer and holds a Master in technological business management. She was selected as a Google Developer Expert in machine learning and co-organizes machine learning meetups. She has also completed programs at MIT and Berkeley among others.
Hayde Martinez
Data Technology Program Lead, Wizeline
Hayde Martinez is the Data Technology Program Lead at Wizeline, where she leads a team of 100+ data engineers, data scientists, and data analysts. She has 12+ years of experience in the tech industry, with more than seven years focused on Data and Machine Learning. Prior to joining Wizeline, Hayde worked as a data engineer at technology companies such as HP, Intel, and Brightcove. She is the founder of “De Cero a Ciencia de Datos,” an education initiative that aims to increase the number of engineering professionals focused on Data Science in Mexico. She regularly provides training and participates in different tech talks, as one of her goals is to ensure Data Science reaches every corner of the world. She advocates for inclusion in the tech industry and strongly believes a better world can be created through technology. She is pursuing a Master’s in Data Science and has a graduate degree in Artificial Intelligence from the Kanazawa Institute of Technology in Japan.
Victor Dey
Tech Editor, VentureBeat (moderator)
Victor is a Tech Editor/Writer at VentureBeat and covers artificial intelligence, data science, and cybersecurity for the enterprise. A Master's in data science and a keen learner of new developments, Victor is committed to growing the data science and tech community.
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