Since the start of the pandemic, companies have accelerated their adoption and development of cloud-native applications. But with that leap comes risks that are unique to the cloud – and unlike traditional applications, those risks are distributed across your application code, open source code, and cloud infrastructure settings.

The dangers include everything from design flaws that get magnified, Infra-as-Code misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, architecture drifts, software supply chain threats, and more.

Remediating these critical risks can take specialized knowledge and resources. To learn more about the dangers and challenges that come with cloud-native computing, the ways your IT leaders can identify and address potential issues and more, don't miss this VB Live event.

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  • Identifying and enabling security champions
  • Building and scaling a risk-based AppSec program
  • Finding and remediating secrets in code and IaC misconfigurations
  • Prioritizing risks effectively across the entire SDLC
  • Finding the root cause and identifying the relevant developer
Alex Mor
Global Director of Application Security, AB-InBev
Alex is a passionate Cybersecurity defender (or breaker, depending on the hour), providing expert technical guidance to product teams in building security in their platform.
Moshe Zioni
VP of Security Research, Apiiro
Moshe Zioni, VP of Security Research at Apiiro is responsible for producing high-value research in the domains of application security, user behavior and vulnerability research, detection and prevention. He is listed as 27 influential penetration testers in 2020 by Peerlyst and have been researching cybersecurity for over 20 years in multiple industries, specializing in penetration testing, detection algorithms and incident response; a constant contributor to the hacker community and have been co-founder of the Defcon-adjacent Shabbatcon security conference for the past 6 years.
Kyle Alspach
Staff Writer, VentureBeat
Kyle Alspach has been covering technology industry news since 2010. He joined VentureBeat in November 2021 to cover cybersecurity, with a focus on enterprise security technologies, trends, and strategies. Prior to joining VentureBeat, he wrote for media outlets including CRN, American Inno, and the Boston Globe.