Organizations are under constant pressure to attract and retain people with the right skills to achieve their business objectives and remain competitive in the market. Upskilling and reskilling are key to future proofing your organization and closing that skills gap – but it takes more than simply putting content and instruction in front of your employees.

In this VB Spotlight, you'll learn how to develop a robust upskilling strategy optimized for how your employees learn, where their abilities stand and exactly what they need to know. You'll hear how companies address the full spectrum of technical training needs by assessing all skills and skill gaps for more effective learning, developing a guided curriculum focused on skills needed for rapid productivity, applying skills learned in real time, and more.

Presented by VentureBeat x Skillsoft.
  • Why it's critical to address the skills gap now
  • How reskilling and upskilling can future-proof company strategy
  • Why benchmarking is critical for a robust learning program
  • Optimizing and implementing reskilling curriculums
  • And more
Marianne Groth
Director of Talent Development, Lumen
Marianne is the Director of Talent Development for Lumen Technologies. She and her team are responsible for offering robust training and development opportunities to foster a culture of continuous learning for the humans at Lumen. She has over 36 years of experience in technology and training. Prior to joining Lumen 6 years ago, she managed technical training at Verizon for 11 years. She is passionate about developing others and helping them reach their potential.
Greg Fuller
Senior Director, Tech & Dev - Content Development, Skillsoft
Greg Fuller is Senior Director of Tech&Dev Content at Skillsoft, where he leads Skillsoft’s Tech&Dev content strategic direction and overall content development. He has more than 20 years of mentoring, leading, and directing various content development teams and has worked closely with customers to help design their upskilling initiatives. Greg is also a lifelong learner and acquired several vendor certifications throughout his career at Skillsoft.
Art Cole
Moderator, VentureBeat
Arthur Cole is a technology journalist and enthusiast who has been covering the high-tech industry for more than 30 years. His contributions appear regularly in numerous industry trade publications as well as on the pages of vendors in the server, storage, networking and cloud industries.
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