As we leverage artificial intelligence to assist in ever more facets of our day-to-day lives, justifiable concerns over their fairness, power, and their effects on privacy, speech, and autonomy grow. In the private sector, businesses now grapple with the dual concerns of developing and deploying ethical AI, while in the public sphere, governments are crafting policy to set the ground rules for safe and fair AI use.

Given this backdrop, what does it mean to build responsible, ethical AI? What policies can we expect from governments that will shape AI development and use in the future? Join this webinar with Intel’s Melvin Greer, IBM’s Noelle Silver and Daniela Braga from Defined.ai as we discuss how we can all do our part to work together, ensuring that our AI future is a just one.
Tue, Apr 19, 2022 · 10:00 AM PDT (GMT -7:00)
  • How to keep bias out of data to ensure fair and ethical AI
  • How interpretable AI aids transparency and reduces business liability
  • How impending government regulation will change how we design and implement AI
  • How early adoption of ethical AI practices will help you get ahead of compliance issues and costs
Daniela Braga
Founder and CEO, Defined.ai
Daniela Braga is the founder and CEO of Defined.ai, one of the fastest-growing startups in the AI space. She has a hybrid background as a linguist and an engineer, and two decades of experience in speech technology in both academia and industry. Dr. Braga worked at VoiceBox Technologies and Microsoft before funding her own company Defined.ai in 2015. She has been the recipient of several awards, including the E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year Pacific Northwest 2020 Award and the João Vasconcelos 2019 Entrepreneur of the Year Award. She is a member of the World Economic Forum’s Expert Network, which brings together leading experts who have distinguished themselves for their entrepreneurial experience and thought leadership on artificial intelligence. In June 2021, Dr Braga was appointed to the National Artificial Intelligence (AI) Research Resource Task Force, a 12-person body that will advise the US president on fostering AI in the United States. Alongside her role as CEO, she is also a regular guest lecturer at the University of Washington and author of more than 90 scientific papers and several patents.
Melvin Greer
Intel Fellow and Chief Data Scientist, Americas
Dr. Melvin Greer is Intel Fellow and Chief Data Scientist, Americas, Intel Corporation. He is responsible for building Intel’s data science platform through graph analytics, machine learning and cognitive computing to accelerate transformation of data into a strategic asset for Public Sector and commercial enterprises. His systems and software engineering experience has resulted in patented inventions in Cloud Computing, Synthetic Biology and IoT Bio-sensors for edge analytics. He functions as a principal investigator in advanced research studies, including Nanotechnology, Additive Manufacturing and Gamification. He significantly advances the body of knowledge in basic research and critical, highly advanced engineering and scientific disciplines. Dr. Greer has been appointed to Senior Advisor and Fellow at the FBI IT and Data Division. He is charged with acceleration of the FBI mission by supporting appropriate data collection, data analytics, discovery and visualization via advanced data science and AI techniques. Dr. Greer is a frequent speaker at conferences and universities and is an accomplished author; his fifth book “Practical Cloud Security a Cross Industry View” is his most recently published book.
Noelle Silver
Partner, AI and Analytics, IBM
Noelle Silver is a multi-award-winning technologist and entrepreneur who specializes in helping companies with emerging technology, cloud, AI and Web 3.0. She has led teams at NPR, Microsoft, IBM, and Amazon, and is a consistent champion for public understanding of the ethical use of AI and tech fluency. She recently launched InclusionInspires.com to help teach women and people of color how to use the power of technology and influence to achieve success.
Shuchi Rana
Moderator, VentureBeat
Shuchi brings 20 years of Silicon Valley and Cross-border experience in various sectors, with a focus on Technology and Impact. She is currently the Head of Marketing at VBLab and Diversity chair at VentureBeat, innovation advisor for UC Davis Health and sits on the Board of Women in Big Data. Shuchi previously served as the Head of GTM for HeadSpin, google backed startup and prior to that Head of SAP.iO Foundry at SAP, strategic program that invests in and accelerates Enterprise Software Startups. In her role she helped enterprise startups go to market with SAP and also some of SAP’s largest customers with their digital transformation. In her previous roles she has led operations, funding diligence & M&A for startups. Over the course of her career she has worked with great entrepreneurs and mentored and advised Startups out of Startup Weekend, Women 2.0, Founder Labs, Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center and others. She is a big advocate of anti-recidivism, inclusion and has worked with the likes of UCLA, Anti-Recidivism Coalition and the Tech/Startup ecosystems to create opportunities for at-risk and underserved communities. She was named a Digital Leader by the United Nations Foundation.