Leaders in mobile games know that the key to long-term success is delivering experiences that players love, which is easier said than done. Mobile has so many variables to contend with – across connectivities, devices, OSs, and app versions – that meeting user expectations while continually shipping new content and features requires understanding every detail about what makes and breaks your player experiences.

Join experienced mobile game leaders for a deep dive into the best practices that top mobile game devs use to perfect player experiences. What are the business impacts of poor player experiences? When does it make sense to create platform teams to consolidate tooling? What does “experience engineering” really mean to game devs?

You’ll come away with a comprehensive understanding of the modern challenges and solutions to delivering a competitive mobile game that players love.
  • The latest trends in mobile game tooling, including “experience engineering”
  • How user expectations have changed when it comes to mobile games
  • What metrics really matter to game devs
  • How to go from a reactive to a proactive approach to issue remediation
  • Where do existing tools like Firebase fall short in helping engineers know which issues (like ANRs) to address before they affect store rankings
Eric Futoran
CEO & Co-founder, Embrace
Eric Futoran is CEO and Co-Founder of Embrace, the solution to help engineers manage the complexity of mobile to build better, bolder experiences. Companies like Wildlife, TakeTwo, GOAT, Yahoo! Fantasy Sports, and The New York Times use Embrace to identify any user-impacting issues with detailed technical context to resolve them instantly.

Prior to Embrace, Eric co-founded Scopely, the largest US mobile games publisher (which was recently acquired for $4.9B). Scopely’s top-grossing games such as Scrabble, Star Trek, Walking Dead, WWE and Yahtzee have pioneered the way for successful mobile gaming business models. At Scopely, Eric was the execution arm owning and building everything from their first game, Dice with Buddies / Yahtzee, to constructing the publishing business, technology platform, and financial strategy.

For more than a decade, Eric has held executive roles across enterprise SaaS, advertising tech, and startups. Eric graduated with a JD/MBA from NYU, and EE and CS degrees from Duke University. Eric also enjoys leveraging his variety of skillsets from CS to Law as an angel investor and advisor to several prominent tech startups.
Pavlo Prokopov
Client Software Architect, SuperPlay
Pavlo Prokopov is the client software architect at Superplay where he drives game innovation and helps ensure a seamless player experience from a technical perspective. He guides Superplay’s engineering team leads and drives decisioning around technology selection, market understanding, and architecture design. He has also held key Unity development and leadership roles at Murka, Playtika, and Yellowstone.
Jordan Fragen
Writer, GamesBeat
Jordan Fragen is a writer from Los Angeles, CA. She specializes in covering the intersection of esports, data and the creator economy. Previously, she wrote for outlets including Esports Insider and The Esports Observer and was a senior analyst for gaming research firm Newzoo. When Jordan isn't writing or playing games, you'll probably find her hiking, knitting, or drinking tea.