As organizations plan for 2022, they must ensure their employees and partners are skilled in a cloud-centric world. Lots of ink is spilled on the essential need to do this, but how is it done successfully? There now is a greater understanding of how people learn – especially in workplace settings. “Challenge-centric learning” is emerging as an innovative alternative, where learners receive the hands-on experience configuring, scaling, and troubleshooting any real-world cloud situations that they need -- rather than lean-back presentations that have been proven to fail time and again.

Join this VB Live event to learn how organizations can apply a challenge-centric learning mindset across many technology stacks and scenarios to get more from your learning programs. And access learning in a timely manner while staying under budget.
Tue, Nov 30, 2021 · 10:00 AM PST (GMT -8:00)
  • Skilling plans: How to create learning journeys with scored hands-on experiences to ensure your team is gaining relevant skills
  • Validation: See how learners can prove their skills mastery - not just their course completion - with scenario-based labs
  • Reporting: Learn how you to develop validated skills map for your team members to see where people excel and where growth opportunities exist
Frank Gartland
Chief Product Officer, Skillable
As Chief Product Officer at Skillable, Frank Gartland oversees our transformation of training through challenge-centric learning and hands-on skill development and validation. Frank challenges teams, partners and customers to create better methods to scale learning. He thrives on helping people reach their potential and loves building businesses that enable people to make a positive impact.

Prior to joining Skillable, Frank was CEO of Veeya, a managed service provider focused on serving K-12 with technology as a service, where subscription revenues increased more than 300% during his tenure. Frank has been innovating with virtual classroom technologies and content since 1999 when his team first delivered fully online, instructor-led training for Cisco, Microsoft, EMC and others. As Vice President of Products with iLinc, Frank led the transformation of the virtual classroom system used by Global Knowledge, Salesforce.com and more than 2,700 others, and he led Microsoft Virtual Academy to become an international learning community.
Seth Colaner
Moderator, VentureBeat
Seth is a longtime tech journalist who has covered a wide swath of the tech sphere, including personal computing, the cloud, cybersecurity, mobile, virtual reality, and AI.
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