A new wave of fintech is penetrating a wide range of financial processes, thanks to the accelerating adoption of digital solutions among consumers during the pandemic.

Proptech like FlyHomes and Opendoor optimize how people research, rent, buy, sell, and manage a property; insurtech is powering changes in the insurance industry, with apps like Policy Genius, Lemonade, and Bright Health. Financial health tech and wealth tech is helping consumers save, invest, and increase their wealth. The opportunities for developers and entrepreneurs are simply exploding.

Now, the groundwork for these solutions has long been laid. For the past 10 to 15 years, the fintech ecosystem has established a strong foundation for innovation, with the APIs and tools developers need to build the next generation of consumer-focused tech.

Join this VB Live event to learn more about the newest fintech-powered solutions, propelled by consumer demand. You'll learn about what consumers are looking for -- and how to uncover what they need before they know it; how to ensure you have the solid, diversified data required for a powerful solution; how to make your app feel like a custom service, and more.

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Presented by VentureBeat x Envestnet | Yodlee.
Tue, Nov 16, 2021 · 10:00 AM PST (GMT -8:00)
  • How the fintech ecosystem is evolving -- and how fintech in a box is changing the landscape for developers
  • The most important APIs to avoid reinventing the wheel
  • How to ensure your data is accurate, reliable and diversified -- and why that’s important
  • What the fastest growing new fintech segments are
  • And more!
Ran Harpaz
Hippo Insurance
Ran Harpaz has served as Hippo’s Chief Technology Officer since May 2019. Prior to Hippo, Mr. Harpaz served as Chief Technology Officer of Globality, Inc. from March 2015 to April 2019 and as Senior Director of Strategy at PayPal from December 2012 to February 2015. Mr. Harpaz served as the Chief Information Officer at Netvision/Cellcom Ltd. from December 2008 to November 2012. Mr. Harpaz holds an MBA, an LL.B. in Law and a B.A. in Economics from Tel-Aviv University.
Joe Mocerino
Vice President of Engineering, HomeLight
Joe Mocerino is the Vice President of Engineering at HomeLight, which he helped scale from a small Series B team to a global, hybrid remote organization.

Prior to joining HomeLight, Joe was the founding engineer and partner at TNT Dental, a web design and development firm designing custom websites and marketing plans for thousands of dentists and physicians. Previously, Joe served in the military, where he was a part of a quick reaction force detachment to quickly deploy communications and continuity of government anywhere in the state of Texas. He holds a BA in Mathematics from Collin College.
Seb Taveau
Head of Developer Experience | Center of Excellence | Envestnet
See Taveau is a puzzle solver and beyond-the-horizon watcher, Sebastien experience spans more than 20 years in the fields of POS, mobile payment, mobile security, mobile identity, and consumer solutions. His executive vision was key in delivering the first turn-key pre-certified POS solution, the first successful mobile payment wallet, the first mainstream consumer biometrics payment system, and one of the most successful efforts around Open API and developers engagement for several international technology companies such as PayPal, Validity, and MasterCard. At Envestnet Yodlee, his role is to manage the developer experience via the developer portal and other engagements with developers to make Yodlee a true destination experience for all, from the fintech entrepreneur to the large corporate coder. Prior to Yodlee, Taveau was Chief Technologist at Zelle/Early Warning Services, Chief Developer Evangelist for MasterCard, CTO for Validity, and Principal/Astronomer at PayPal.
Seth Colaner
Moderator, VentureBeat
Seth is a longtime tech journalist who has covered a wide swath of the tech sphere, including personal computing, the cloud, cybersecurity, mobile, virtual reality, and AI.