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    A conclusion in UNESCO’s 4th Global Report on Adult Learning and Education (GRALE 4) is that more educational activities in active citizenship for adults are needed to promote social outcomes, such as poverty reduction, addressing inequality, better health and well-being, peace and sustainable development. This presentation showcases a mixed methods research study that investigates this claim; following up a quantitative analysis (GRALE 4), with qualitative research to understand factors that support active citizenship for adult learners and barriers that may exist. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with nongovernmental stakeholders in four countries—China, Costa Rica, Kuwait and Russia—based on their reported progress across GRALE 4 responses on active citizenship. The theory of policy enactment underpinned the research design and analysis, and was used as a lens to explore how NGOs interpret, animate, and even deprioritize political agreements in national contexts. Data analysis and findings partly explain why countries reported significantly less progress on active citizenship for adult learners in GRALE 4 compared to literacy and basic skills, and continuing training and professional development (TVET). Reasons for this slow progress include inadequate policy, limited or compromised governance and funding, a school focus, and social issues. A conclusion is that TVET is the priority over active citizenship in two countries, which is problematized.

    This webinar is part of the Education and Development (EDU DEV) Public Seminar Series. The UEA School of Education and Lifelong Learning and the School of International Development run a joint research seminar series in the Autumn and Spring semesters. The seminars are open to all staff and students and aim to address issues within the fields of education and international development, and comparative education. The seminar series moves online this year - offering the opportunity to engage with a broader international audience interested in learning about new research in this area and sharing in our discussions.
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