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Event Focus in Brief
The pressure is on. The shakedown-test of AI investments is on. Where our focus falls and where our resources are invested are vital for both society and business – if not beyond. Let’s gain experts’ view, varying from startups, established technology players, enterprises, governments, VCs and consulting firms, to find out how the AI investment climate has been changing across industries, where risks and opportunities lie, and how we can ensure that both business and society enjoys return on investment of AI.

Event Focus in Details
With the growth of big data, cheaper and increased computer power, and deep learning-fueled algorithms, AI fundings are seem to be coming from every corner of the ecosystem. With both public and private sector funders beginning to understand AI’s capabilities and potentials, startups, established technology players, enterprises, governments, VCs and consulting firm investments are skyrocketing into this industry. Venture capital firms are fueling startups and funding the brains behind projects. Governments are pushing funds into AI research and development. Enterprises are allocating their budgets to buying and implementing cognitive technology solution.

To shed light on the current global investment climate, and therefore on how investments in AI have been rethought and shifted, SwissCognitive invites experts and leaders to our next CognitiveVirtual for open and transparent discussions. The global speakers will reveal how the present global challenge impacts investments and budget allocations, and while society and the world is watching closely, where government and VC funds are shifting.

What to expect… and what not to
This is a strictly non-sales event. Therefore, you can expect only content-focused panel discussions and keynotes, giving transparent insights into the current AI investment global ecosystem. No BS Just Content.
Who can attend
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Hosted By SwissCognitive, Leading AI Network