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Europe has an excellent talent pool, leading research centres, highly advanced technology, and DNA for innovation. Its automatization processes are competitive in manufacturing and services sectors, varying from automotive to energy, and from healthcare to agriculture. When the development of cognitive technologies are kept transparent, traceable and with human oversight, and when supportive and adequate government strategies are kept in place, Europe will not only be able to preserve its technological sovereignty, industrial leadership and economic competitiveness but also become a world leader in Artificial Intelligence to the benefit of society.

In our CognitiveNations series we bring a handful of countries together to discuss the status of research, development, and the operating environment of AI, including technological, ethical, legal and socio-economic aspects. AI experts and leaders will provide a high-level overview on the development of AI in their countries, followed by a more detailed exchange across the selected country representatives. The discussion will be continued by practical AI examples from experts, revealing hands-on developments, processes, challenges, and achievements.

Contributing countries: France, UK, Norway, Switzerland, Israel

Expected takeaways: an expert overview of each country’s AI development followed by a deep exchange of strategies, successes, and challenges between the countries, wrapped up with practical insights through use cases from across industries.
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Hosted By SwissCognitive, Leading AI Network