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Event Focus

C-level leaders are challenged every day from many directions – be that of the board, management, a shift in the customer needs, or a change in the business environment. On top of these, change in the technology landscape has the power to impact all these factors. How the business corresponds, can be very much up to the management at C-level. Taking Artificial Intelligence under the magnifying glass, due to its transformative power throughout the organization C-level leaders need to dedicate strategic importance to it. Their understanding of this technology’s incredible potential helps them to serve not only as strategists but also as trusted advisors to both directions of the organization’s hierarchy.

Event Content & Takeaways

Our next CognitiveVirtual brings SwissCognitive’s partners together on a global stage focusing on the role of C-level leaders and the management in the process of AI adaption. There will be panel discussions and keynotes underpinned by practical use cases addressing the subject from different industry perspectives. All the input is strictly non-sales, and therefore highly content-driven with transparent insights into the development, challenges, and solutions. The audience will have the opportunity to learn from leaders and experts, and also to connect with them on the virtual backstage and also after the event for potential partnership and collaboration.
Who can attend
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