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A Crisp Overview
Approaches, strategies, and best practices for building & using AI technologies that are accountable, comprehensive, efficient, transparent, ethical, and consistent with user expectations, organizational values, societal laws and norms.

The Details
Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is nothing new – practices and advancements for both businesses and societies need to be aligned. With the rapid development of cognitive technologies, CSR has been accompanied by technological social responsibility (TSR) – resulting in an increasing set of challenges for businesses.

To develop technologies to our best benefit, it is an imperative that the private and public sector work together and with joint forces consciously align between short- and medium-term business goals and longer-term societal ones.

How all that is done in practice, is revealed by experts and leaders at our CognitiveVirtual representing the largest intergovernmental organisations, NGOs, and enterprises, as well as start-ups, SMEs and AI thought-leaders.

The focus of Experts Discussions on Responsible AI
Why Talk about it?
The Global Landscape – Perspectives of Society, Regulations and Business
The Fundamentals and Components
Hand-on Insights and Practices
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