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A Crisp Overview
We are facing an unprecedented challenge.
With the development of cognitive technologies, the skills gap is increasing. It is our pivotal responsibility today to start aligning employees’ talents to organisational capabilities. So how do we educate & prepare our workforce and transform our workplace so that we are all ready to embrace and collaborate with AI?

The focus of Experts Discussions on Responsible AI
Preparing the workforce and eliminating fear
Aligning employees’ skills to organizational capabilities
Harmonizing the collaboration of humans & algorithms

CognitiveVirtuals are regular worldwide-reaching online events bringing dozens of global AI leaders and experts together to share their views, experiences and expertise in the development of AI to the benefit of business and society. These 3 hour-long events are transparently addressing the development of cognitive technologies – including successes and challenges – while reaching and connecting a global online community of over ½ million followers.
All the sessions and formats are strictly content-driven with a non-sales approach, allowing focused and open discussions with no BS just content. These events provide not only a platform to brainstorm and network but also to position experts, leaders, organisation, research developments, the current status and future outlook of AI.
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