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Event in Brief
The current global happenings have transformed the long-standing business opportunity of digital transformation into necessity with cognitive technologies gaining increasing prominence. This however doesn’t mean that the challenges of emerging technologies have disappeared. Lack of trust and quality of data, as well as the dearth of adequate tools and talent still remain. In this fast-paced and challenging environment, leaders are put under extreme pressure with their urgent decisions resulting in long-lasting impacts. From the perspectives of AI experts and leaders, this event puts the spotlight on AI in 2021 – what we can expect from this technology in relation to our industries, businesses, societies and economies, and how leaders can navigate through the changes.

Event Speakers
A handful of carefully selected global AI leaders and experts from different disciplinaries covering our subject from the broadest and deepest views possible.

Event Audience
Our CognitiveVirtual online events usually gain over 1000 participants from over 80 countries. With our topic focusing on AI from the perspectives of business and society, we expect high interest in our event. Who would not want to know from the experts what the future holds for us after all?  

What to expect... and what not to
This is a strictly non-sales event. Therefore, you can expect only content-focused panel discussions and keynotes, giving transparent insights into the global AI ecosystem. No BS Just Content.  
Who can attend
Dial-in available? (listen only)
Not available.

Hosted By SwissCognitive, Leading AI Network