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A Crisp Overview
The role of AI while turning natural resources and raw materials into tangible products across the primary and secondary industry sectors – be that anything from mining to farming, forestry, fishing, manufacturing, construction, heavy industry, food industry, fashion industry, and fast-moving consumer goods.

The Details
Global spending on AI is expected to reach $110 billion in 2024. In the primary and secondary industry sectors, with this amount being put towards the process of turning raw materials into tangible consumer goods, sometimes it is hard to see and understand where AI supported the final output.

This CognitiveVirtual, with global AI experts and leaders, shed light exactly on that!

The role of AI in the process of turning raw materials into tangible consumer goods, where most of us only see the end result, such as the furniture around us, food on our dining tables, cosmetics and toiletries in our bathrooms, the clothes we wear, the transportation infrastructure and public transport we use daily, the buildings we work, shop and live in, and even the facilities and machinery that provide energy in our homes.
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Hosted By SwissCognitive, Leading AI Network

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