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A Crisp Overview
In our rapidly & ambiguously changing business environments, where AI has more knowledge & experience, and, therefore, makes better and faster decisions than humans, the essence of effective leadership needs to be adapted. This CognitiveVirtual will shed light on the change in leadership, which is corresponding to renewed business environments driven by cognitive technologies for the benefit of business and society.

The focus of Experts Discussions on Responsible AI
How smart is AI across industries – evidence-based expert discussion
Alignment of leadership to increasingly smart cognitive technologies
Practical insights into renewed leadership

The Details
What worked in the past won’t always work in the future, especially when we consider our rapidly changing world and our expectations. Looking at the business world and leadership, it is vital to recognize, maintaining past strategies doesn’t equate to future growth. Adaption is fundamental. But what aspects need to be adjusted and how exactly to ensure all stakeholders are satisfied and the workforce is not intimidated by fear, but rather boosted with excitement for a renewed workplace & functions and for customer satisfaction? We ask the experts and bring them into discussion with different backgrounds, mindsets and approaches.
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