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A Crisp Overview
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A Crisp Overview
This CognitiveVirtual focuses on the interrelation between data quality, quantity, accessibility, infrastructure, and literacy, and how these components can be advanced in harmony with human cognition to translate into efficiency and productivity both for society and business.

The Details
Data on its own is nothing. So is technology. There are many ingredients in play, including data quality, quantity, accessibility and infrastructure. Still, even top-notch data and technology would not line up without human intervention. In fact, there is no component that plays a more important role than the other. It is human cognition that can advance the interrelation between data and AI in harmony for the benefit of all aspects of our lives.

At this CognitiveVirtual, global AI experts and leaders take data, AI, and the human factor under their magnifying glass, and through transparent knowledge & experience sharing will shed light on topics around data governance, renewed AI-driven business strategies, and data literacy.

What to expect and what not to
This is a strictly non-sales content-driven event. You can expect only cognitive technologies-focused discussions, keynotes and practical insights. No BS just content.
Who can attend
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Hosted By SwissCognitive, Leading AI Network