Commercial real estate valuation firms are looking to diversify their business practices due to the slowdown in finance-related appraisal engagements. The increase in demand for tax appeal services has made expanding into property tax valuation one of the best options. CRE property tax appeal volume has risen by up to 300% in 2023 in some areas, and this trend is expected to continue for the next 18 to 24 months.

With fewer than 2,500 full-time real estate tax consultants working in the United States today, and more and more commercial appraisal professionals retiring, tax appeal valuation presents a huge opportunity for appraisers who want to get into this space.

During this webinar, Attendees will learn about:
  • What property tax appraisals consist of
  • Why the demand for property tax appeal specialists is spiking
  • How to break into the property tax appraisal space
  • Case studies of successful property tax appeals
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    Grant Norling, MAI
    Co-Founder, VP Client Experience at Valcre
    Grant is thought-leader, product-tester, client-liaison and Valcre promoter.

    Grant is a commercial real estate appraiser with over two decades of industry experience that includes a broad range of production and leadership roles within a corporate valuation company, a local appraisal co-op and his own appraisal firm. Grant co-founded Valcre with a passion to create more efficient processes in the valuation industry for appraisers and their clients. Through application of time saving technology, appraisers can be successful while achieving a fulfilling life-work balance. He believes the appraisal industry can remain relevant if its professionals stay dedicated and adaptable to sweeping technological changes in the CRE industry.
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    Ross Litkenhous
    CEO and Founder at Taxonics and Managing Partner and Founder at Cavalry Real Estate Advisors
    Ross has spent the better part of his life immersed in commercial real estate – as a student, analyst, executive, entrepreneur and elected official. He has personally owned, managed and leased commercial buildings. He’s even redeveloped a few. But his specialty is property tax advisory.

    He’s spent two decades working at local, regional and global property tax firms, leading highly successful consulting and advisory teams. His focus has always been creating value for owners, developers and investors of commercial real estate by reducing, forecasting and managing property taxes – saving clients hundreds of millions of dollars in the process.

    Throughout that time and experience, he’s observed three key gaps in commercial real estate tax service: a lack of comprehensive, useful, and accessible data; failure to leverage modern technology to create a better and more affordable customer experience; and few resources to help independent commercial real estate owners and managers navigate the complexities of property tax.

    Those gaps were the impetus for creating Taxonics – a self-service, one-stop-shop where every customer has access to the information they need to effectively manage their tax portfolio and reduce their tax burden.