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We invite you to join our CFO roundtable moderator, Brad Muniz, as he drives a deep discussion with panelists Monica Kaden and Allyson O’Malley on “Business Valuations and Tangible Asset Appraisals:101.” During this conversation, Monica and Allyson will address essential questions that serve as the foundation for understanding and conducting business valuations and tangible asset appraisals.

Starting with the most basic issue as to what purpose is served by conducting a business valuation or an appraisal of machinery and equipment or real estate property, these experts will then share critical insights they learned throughout their years of hands-on experiences.

While the top three inquiries regarding what and how and why must be answered, it is equally as important to understand the impact that the VCOVID -19 pandemic has had those conducting these specialized calculations. Whether they are offering a strategic perspective on cash flow issues, forecasting, assumption of risk, or the treatment of loans for financial documents, no one can ignore the influence of a year-long global pandemic on valuing a business or tangible assets, such as real estate, equipment, and other business-related entities as well as fine arts, jewelry, and other luxuries and valuable collectibles.

As the discussion concludes, Allyson and Monica will be sure to touch on the fact that the demand for valuations and appraisals in growing in demand for both the corporate and individuals, in part influenced by COVID and its implications in commercial areas especially that focus on machinery and equipment and retail.
Join us for this important panel presentation.
Thu, Apr 22, 2021, 8:30 am - 9:30 am
Eastern Time (US & Canada)
Duration: 1 hour
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