Tune in for Part 2 of the Save Money & The Planet series, there will be money saving tips while reducing waste and helping to save the planet! These practical tips will keep more cash in your pocket while keeping plastics & trash out of landfills. Co-founders Melissa Matthews and sister, Lisa Ladouceur, co-owners of Great Lakes Refill Co. and Ecodemy Education Company will teach the whole home and family approach to budgeting and improving your finances through the radical idea of using what you have.

Part two of the environmental education series is all about learning how to reduce, reuse, and recycle to help you, your community and the environment by saving money, energy, and natural resources.

The Ecodemy, a Canadian company, is here to teach us about planetary education through interactive workshops focused on building the basic understandings of single use plastics, recycling, zero waste, overconsumption, and reuse. Students will learn how to refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle & rot. Throughout the two-part virtual experience, students will have opportunities to answer questions and engage with the content. This workshop is intended for ages 13+ to adults!

The interactive online experience will cover:
*The impact of plastics of the planet
*The life cycle of single use plastics
*Living with less
*How to use what you already have
*The overall effects of a zero-waste lifestyle
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    Ecodemy, an environmental education company born on the banks of one of the largest bodies of fresh water in the world, at the foot of one of the largest environmental hot spots in Canada. Co-founders Melissa Matthews and sister, Lisa Ladouceur, co-owners of Great Lakes Refill Co., think that the Environmental Crisis can be best addressed by education and showing real practical solutions that have economic, environmental, and ecological benefits.
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    Melissa Matthews
    Owner/Operator - Great Lakes Refill Co.
    I am Melissa Matthews, co-owner and founder of Great Lakes Refill co. alongside my sister Lisa. I live in the small, beautiful town of Petrolia with my husband Craig and our two wonderful little boys Grayson (5) & Bodhi (2). Being mommy to these two little men is my greatest joy. I am proud to teach them to live a more sustainable life, find joy in nature and treat our planet respectfully. Owning Great Lakes Refill has become a huge part of our lives and my greatest accomplishment thus far. Owning this business, helping others reduce waste and building up a community around a reduced waste lifestyle is so deeply rewarding. I am thankful every day to be living this rollercoaster of a dream with my little sis.
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    Lisa Ladouceur
    Owner/Operator - Great Lakes Refill Co.
    I am co-owner and founder of Great Lakes Refill alongside my sister Melissa. Growing up in a small-town and on a family farm, we understand the pride that comes from sustainable stewardship. We took this little idea of creating package free grocery in our community and grew it into our lovingly named “big girl store.” When I’m not counting peanuts at the shop as the resident CPA, I enjoy hanging out with my pupper Artemis, hiking the local trails, discovering new haunts, and hobby photography.
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