If you’re like us, you use the camera on your smartphone for everything, but often the results are underwhelming. You don’t have to be a social media influencer to take great pics. You just need to sign up for our next Online Distraction – Smartphone Photography!

Learn to take dynamic shots with your camera and edit them like a pro in this easy to understand workshop on Thursday January 7, 3:30 pm ET with Jennifer O’Reilly Photography. Participants can apply everything taught during the class to their smartphone cameras, point and shoot cameras, and DSLR cameras.

So, get your smartphone charged up and get ready to raise your photo skills up a few notches!
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    Jennifer O’Reilly
    Jennifer O’Reilly Photography - Owner/Operator
    Jennifer was employed in the travel industry when her love of photography was sparked. ” When we travel, we learn to see and appreciate the beauty in different cultures and landscapes”. Jen blended her love of photography and passion to inspire people and launched her career in teaching. She has taught at Mohawk and Georgian Colleges, several Art Schools and opened The Arts Warehouse in 2001 where she teaches a wide range of Photo Workshops.
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