About This Webinar
Join this live webcast to hear David McKnight, author of the national bestselling book, The Power of Zero, as he discusses the coming fiscal storm created when historically low tax rates collide with historically high national debt, and what you can do to insulate yourself from its effects.

This webcast will explain:
• Why experts say that tax rates could double in the next 10 years
• Why IRAs and 401(k)s may present a “Catch 22” for investors
• How rising tax rates may reduce your retirement income
• How withdrawals from IRA’s and 401k’s could cause you to lose up to one-third of your Social Security income
• Strategies that help protect you from rising tax rates and ensure you will receive your Social Security tax-free

During this webcast you will also learn:
• How today’s tax rates compare to historical tax rates (and why Ronald Reagan never made more than two movies per
• What leading economists have to say about the future of the national debt, taxes, and the sustainability of Social
Security and Medicare
• Future government expenditures that could force tax rates to double.
• Why “Math” is the dirty little secret that no one in Washington wants to talk about.
• Why the true national debt is much greater than $25 trillion

***David McKnight’s bio and media references can be found at davidmcknight.com
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After serving in the Naval Reserves, Steve started his career in the life insurance business in 1971. Stephen, after playing college baseball, started working with his father in 1997. He was the third generation, following his father and grandfather before him.

In 2001 Bishop Insurance & Financial was established. Steve & Stephen have dedicated their careers helping clients meet and exceed their expectations. Their goals are to assist each client individually in protecting, preserving, and growing their assets in the most tax-efficient method.

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Steve has been married to his wife Sue since 1970. They have two sons Stephen and Stuart. Stephen and his wife Kara have two children, Tyler and Britten.
David McKnight
Author of Power of Zero
David's book The Power of Zero has sold over 250,000 copies. When it was launched in September of 2018, it finished the week as the #2 most-sold business book in the world. In 2019 The Power of Zero was ranked as the #9 best financial resource in the country by Forbes Magazine.