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Tanya Dwarte, Associate Genetic Counsellor and Clinical Research Coordinator at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research will discuss genetics and pancreatic cancer. 

Her presentation will highlight the current understanding of sporadic and inherited forms of pancreatic cancer and provide an overview of inherited cancer syndromes and the associated pancreatic cancer risks. Information about the process of a genetics assessment, including consideration of genetic testing for pancreatic cancer patients or for those with a family history of the disease will be addressed. This will include brief discussions about some of the potential benefits and potential limitations or harms of genetic testing.

The presentation will then introduce the Australian Pancreatic Cancer Screening Program, a research study that aims to identify individuals who have a higher chance of developing pancreatic cancer because they have been found to have a faulty gene or syndrome, or due to their family history. This study is investigating the potential clinical benefit of endoscopic ultrasound and MRI to detect early signs of pancreatic cancer to improve patient outcomes.
  • Inherited cancer syndromes and associated pancreatic cancer risk
  • Process of genetic assessment and consideration of genetic testing for pancreatic cancer patients and those with family history
  • Potential benefits and limitations or harms of genetic testing
  • Australian Pancreatic Cancer Screening Program, a trial for people at higher risk of pancreatic cancer
Clinical Research Coordinator & Associate Genetic Counsellor
Tanya Dwarte has extensive experience in cell biology and cancer research, with past roles at Macquarie University, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and Children’s Cancer Institute.

Given her specific interest in inherited cancer syndromes, Tanya completed a Master of Genetic Counselling in 2017. She has since devoted herself to both clinical and research practice. She currently holds two roles, as the coordinator for the Pancreatic Cancer Screening Program at St Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney and as an Associate Genetic Counsellor at the Prince of Wales Hospital Hereditary Cancer Centre.

She has contributed to several peer reviewed publications, with her recent work focusing on improving genetic counselling and genetic testing practices for pancreatic cancer.

She is particularly passionate about improving awareness and clinical care for families impacted by pancreatic cancer and to help develop an evidence-based, national approach to pancreatic cancer screening.
Program Manager and Webinar Host, PanKind
Sofia has had significant experience managing cancer research investments and impact reporting for grant programs. She is a science communicator and has previously created successful research communication programs in the NFP sector. Sofia manages PanKind’s impact programs including the National Patient and Carer Hub and Research Grants program. She has degrees in science and social science and a background in program management and communications.