Sources say the aggregate amount of student loan debt carried by workers in the U.S. has now exceeded the amount of credit card debt. Though for some, student loans represent “good debt,” others are being financially drained by unattainable monthly payments, making the goal of saving for retirement or a home purchase seem like a pipe dream.
This hourlong editorial webinar will focus on employee financial wellness and, specifically, on planning for education expenses through 529 college savings plans. Budgeting and debt management will also be considered, as will the “hierarchy of savings.”
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    Alison Mintzer
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    John M
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    Paul Curley
    Director of College Savings Research for ISS Market Intelligence
    Paul Curley, CFA, joined ISS Market Intelligence (which acquired Strategic Insight) as a research analyst in 2008 and currently oversees 529 and ABLE market data, research, events and digital products and services for institutional clients, including the 529 Conference. He is the primary contact for proprietary data aggregation and analysis of 529 plans and ABLE accounts, and authors weekly, quarterly and annual business intelligence publications on the college financial planning and ABLE market. He is also the Editor-in-Chief of the 529 Dash e-newsletter and the 529 Insiders website for financial advisers, institutions and the media; the website also provides marketing services for program managers. Within the role, he presents educational seminars and conferences to financial industry experts on 529 plans and ABLE accounts.
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    Walter C Young III
    President at One Strategic Capital Inc.
    Prior to his role at One Strategic Capital, Walter Young was a senior wealth strategist at Pacific Capital Resource Group. Prior to that he was a principal a Fortiphi Financial.
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    Ian Aguilar
    Partner, Paragon Wealth Strategies
    Ian is a partner with Paragon and is deeply involved with the firm’s investment policy and marketing initiatives. He understands that many life decisions require higher level financial planning, and making those decisions correctly will heavily influence the ability to retire and to experience the things in life that many of us aspire to enjoy. Whether it be handling 401(k) rollovers, college planning, tax planning, or simply creating a long-term, sustainable investment plan, Ian prides himself on his ability to take care of his client’s entire financial life so they can enjoy the fruits of their labors—even well before retirement.
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    Scott Snider
    Partner, Paragon Wealth Strategies
    After spending nearly a decade as a financial advisor with large investment and banking institutions creating retirement plans and advising on retirement income strategies, Scott took the leap to start his own independent financial planning firm in 2016. Scott developed additional expertise in college funding and student debt repayment because he believes that paying for college is often our next generation’s greatest financial challenge. His firm recently merged with Paragon.