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Fast Company? How Heritage Link Brands Became the Largest Importer of Black Produced African Wine

Tue, Sep 30, 2014 · 6:30 PM · Central Time (US & Canada) 1357 views
About This Webinar

The 'One Million Conscious Consumers' Economic Empowerment movement, proudly presents Heritage Link Brands, owned by Harvard Business School grads Selena and Khary Cuffe, to its growing community of consumers and corporations ready to support top quality Black-owned businesses.

In this webinar, you will get to learn about and buy from Heritage Link Brands (www.HeritageLinkBrands.com), the largest marketer/importer of Africa's Black-produced wines! With wines sold in close to 5,000 stores and restaurants, HLB has been featured on ABC, CBS and other national media outlets. Owner Selena Cuffe, member of The NEW EE, not only made history when she left a cush corporate career to integrate the South African wine industry, which had less than 2% Black ownership, in a country where 90% of the population is Black... she is making a difference. Her business creates jobs in America and empowers great family businesses across Africa. I enjoy HLB wines from the House of Mandela and Seven Sisters, two Black South African family wine companies. And, because of Selena and HLB, I get to help counter the ruins of apartheid, one luscious sip at a time.

Come to this webinar to meet a living legend, and buy an excellent product from an outstanding Black business that deserves your support. The products are available online, across the country in restaurants, bars, stores, and even on Broadway!

The NEW EE is committed to making Heritage Link Brands the next great American wine business. If you believe in that mission, come to this webinar and invite everyone you know!

See you there!

Maggie Anderson
One Million Conscious Consumers

ABOUT THE "SUPPORT MY BUSINESS NOW" WEBINARS: This is the second event of The NEW Empowerment Experiment's "Support My Business Now" webinar series. The NEW EE lives on the Big Marker (www.bigmarker.com) platform, which enables us, as a community, to meet, interact with, and buy from the great Black-owned businesses that create jobs and role models. The "Support My Business Now" webinar series is the only place where consumers, groups, and corporations of all kinds can fulfill their desire and duty to find great Black businesses and help them grow... Live, direct, wherever you are, and real-time!

  • Meet Selena Cuffe, Owner and Co-Founder, Heritage Link Brands
  • See and "Sample" HLB products
  • Shop, Q&A
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Featured Presenters
Webinar hosting presenter Maggie Anderson

Margarita Anderson and her family made history and dominated headlines as national media covered their year-long stand living exclusively off Black businesses, professionals, and products for an entire year. This first-ever real-life case study in self-help economics was called The Empowerment Experiment (EE). Their experiment resulted in a landmark study conducted by Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Business which proved with the data from the Anderson’s journey how incremental support of Black businesses can rescue the Black community and improve the American economy as a whole.

Margarita, a first-generation Cuban-American, has a BA in Political Science from Emory University; and earned a Juris Doctor (JD) and Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Chicago, where President Barack Obama was her law professor and mentor. Before the experiment, she was an aide to civil rights icon, Congressman John Lewis, the speechwriter for the Mayor of Atlanta, a corporate strategy executive at McDonald’s Corporation, and a strategy consultant.

Since the experiment, Margarita has become the face of a conscious consumerism movement uniting consumers, corporations, and the quality Black businesses that can rescue struggling communities and provide role models to Black youth. A sought-after speaker, she tours the country inspiring more consumer and corporate engagement of Black professionals and firms. Margarita appears on CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, C-SPAN, PBS Newshour, and CBS Morning News, among many other national television and radio shows…and uses her growing platform to increase awareness about economic inequalities that starve Black neighborhoods and deny Black businesses, and how proactive support of Black businesses can create jobs and curb crime in America.
Maggie is also the author of the critically acclaimed book about EE, Our Black Year, presented by William Morris Entertainment and Public Affairs Books. Publishers Weekly called it “ a dynamite subject” and “an effective probe into how African Americans spend so much money that overwhelmingly leaves their communities.” Library Journal raved, “Anderson’s book successfully illuminates the racial divide that continues to persist in the U.S. economy... [T]his book will appeal to those looking for inspiration to effect positive change in their communities.”

Maggie lives in Oak Park, Illinois with her husband John (AB, Economics, Harvard University, 1993; MBA, Finance, Kellogg Graduate School of Management, 1999) and their two daughters, Cori and Cara, seven and eight.

Webinar hosting presenter Andre Hughes
Andre Hughes

Andre is the founder and servant leader of Powered by Action. Andre is also the Chairman of C3 Venture Group, LLC and Co-Owner of BigMarker.

Andre Hughes was a Managing Director responsible for evaluating strategic growth initiatives that can substantially fuel Accenture’s growth agenda globally. Andre evaluates strategic partnerships and ventures, along with assessing which new companies to launch or acquire.

Previously, Andre Hughes was the Global Managing Director of Accenture’s Network Consulting and Outsourcing Business. Launched as a virtual entity in February 2009, this practice area has experienced accelerated growth, including $1.5 billion in net new sales within the first 26 months of operations. Andre founded and was accountable for managing this business practice.

Andre was the visionary leader of Accenture’s Human Capital, Inclusion and Diversity, and Corporate Citizenship actions and results in the US. In this role, he led a team and strategy committed to developing globally responsible leaders; shaping proactive strategies that improved our human capital effectiveness and helped deliver our business strategy.

An innovator, Andre accelerated as a Partner by identifying a new market that focused on Transformational opportunities in the Telecommunications market place. As part of his five-year tenure as the Founder and Global Managing Partner of the Network Service Line of Business, Andre and his team grew this practice to more than one-half billion in revenue.

Andre was the Communications & High Tech North America Managing Partner for Consulting, where he directed business strategy, and market development initiatives focused on growth.

Andre initially joined Accenture as an experienced consultant in the Network Solutions practice – where he worked his way up to Partner within 10 years in leadership positions spanning the Finance, Government, and Communications industries.

Andre serves on the Boards of the Accenture Foundation; the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum, Chicago; the Krannert School of Management – Business Opportunity Program, Purdue University; the Chicago Urban League; Thurgood Marshall College Fund; and the Presidential Council for Economic Growth and Development in Haiti. In addition, he is an adviser to the Women’s Vision Foundation in Denver, and is an advisor to Teen Living in Chicago. Recently, he founded and serves as the Executive Director for Powered by Action – a global nonprofit organization focused on building distressed and developing communities to self-sufficiency.

Personally, Andre enjoys gardening and spending time with his family. He is an alumnus of both Purdue University and the University of Chicago, where he earned a Bachelor Degree in Engineering and MBA in Finance respectively.
Webinar hosting presenter Selena Cuffe
Harvard Business School graduate, Selena Cuffe, created Heritage Link Brands, the largest marketer of Africa's Black-produced wines, in 2005 out of her love of wine, her passion for business, and her commitment to her community. S Africa's wine industry is 2% Black-owned, while the population is close to 90% Black. Selena and HLB bring economic empowerment to African businesses and families by marketing/ importing their wonderful wines to the American consumer.
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One Million Consumers webinar platform hosts  Fast Company? How Heritage Link Brands Became the Largest Importer of Black Produced African Wine
The Andersons took an historic stand (The Empowerment Experiment or EE) to live off Black businesses to empower their struggling community. The 'New EE' unites supporters driving economic empowerment.
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