How To: Send FREE Customer Invitations to the Show
*Resource is for 2024 but images are from 2023.

Make sure your top buyers visit your booth! Watch the how-to video on sending your customers the free invites that come with instructions for them to register themselves to attend the Show at no cost.

Find pdf instructions here:

Exhibitor Dashboard link:

Contact Exhibitor Services with questions at
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    TIP 1
    The customer invite allotment is based on booth size. But don't worry, you can purchase more if you use up your allotment.
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    TIP 2
    We recommend following up with your customers to let them know you invited them and to look for the email from
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    TIP 3
    Once you’ve sent the invite, you’ll be able to resend invites to those customers who haven’t responded. You can also cancel the invitation if the customer is unable to attend.