Six Essential Ways to Use the New Modular Macro Repro System
Join us to learn six essential ways the new MS-MACRO-REPRO modular macro repro system can help you get your work done better and faster, in nearly any location.

Martin and Matt will share real results and how they achieved them for these configurations:
Mini Studio
Macro Focus Stacking
Copy Stand - Backlit Subject
Copy Stand - wrinkled/creased documents
Copy Stand on a tripod for large maps and posters
Film Digitizing Solution

More about the MS-MACRO-REPRO system:
Why pay countless dollars for digitizing services, when you can easily do this at home, at your own leisure, and with your own digital camera. All you need is the NOVOFLEX MS-MACRO-REPRO and a few of its many useful accessories. In fact, it’s more than just a copystand.

Do you have collection of slides you want to digitize? Or, perhaps you want to sell online and need to photograph small objects? Or maybe photograph that collection of family photos you would like to share or even upload to an online genealogy website? It’s easier and even more in reach with the MS-MACRO-REPRO, our Modular Macro Repro solution.

And in true NOVOFLEX-fashion the MS-MACRO-REPRO is a system that will grow and expand with your needs, capable of many tasks that other copy stands could only dream of. The system can be configured for some or all these options:

-Copy stand for digitizing photos or documents up to a standard letter size.
-Film Digitizing Solution
-Mini Studio for Macro Shooting and Focus Stacking

The NOVOFLEX MS-MACRO-REPRO is available in different kits:
-Modular Copystand and Subject Holder - Pro Kit:
-Modular Copystand and Subject Holder - Film Copykit:
-Modular Copystand and Subject Holder - Studio Kit:
-Modular Copystand and Subject Holder - Entry Level Kit:
  • Using a Mini Studio to photograph small objects for sale online
  • Macro Focus Stacking
  • Backlit Subjects on a copy stand
  • Photographing damaged documents
  • Photographing large documents, maps and posters
  • Digitizing film in many formats
Matt Hill
Host, photographer, educator and more.
Partner, co-founder of National Parks at Night.
Martin Grahl
International Sales Manager / NOVOFLEX
This webinar will show you…
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    Six Ways
    to use the MS-MACRO-REPRO
  • 1670597689-257a1d606babde59
    Real Results & How to Get Them
    From Martin & Matt
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    What is the MS-MACRO-REPRO?
    All your questions answered!