About This Webinar
Join Christian and Matt for the second Macro Challenge! This time, the stakes are... smaller! Today's challenge is to use an auto-bellows to photograph a coin. As the magnification goes up, they have to use new techniques and knowledge to succeed.


Macro Challenge Photo Contest (open until 4/22/2021 at 11:59ET for USA residents)

Links from Webinar:
Depth of Field Charts for Macro Photography and Filmmaking:


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  • Image review of Christian and Matt's coin photography
  • Discussion about techniques they used
  • What obstacles did they encounter, and how did they overcome them?
  • Basic demo of how to use bellows and a macro lens to create an image stack
  • 1615392457-a5d91209b59c8375
    Matt Hill
    MAC Group & National Parks at Night
    Creative optimist. Artist. Educator. Meditator. Director of Marketing Innovation at MAC Group. Partner, co-founder of National Parks at Night. I create curiosity and positive change.
  • 1615417244-4e7a44f4f4024acf
    Christian Domecq
    Photographer and B&H Marketing Guru
    Christian is a pro at the art of amateur dabbling in the creative fields of photography and sound design. Happiest when he learning something or teaching others a new skill.