Join Christian and Matt for the fourth Macro Challenge!
This challenge is to use different lighting techniques to bring out the very best in out macro subjects. Expect some surprises and lots of BTS.

It's hard to know what light source to use for small subjects. Or even what angle to use. Or what type of lighting technology to use.

Matt & Christian will share their results and insights after issuing a challenge to each other to light their macro shots as creatively as possible.
  • Image review of Christian and Matt's lighting effects
  • Discussion about tools and techniques they used
  • What obstacles did they encounter, and how did they overcome them?
  • Live Q&A discussing lighting
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    Matt Hill
    MAC Group & National Parks at Night
    Creative optimist. Artist. Educator. Meditator. Director of Marketing Innovation at MAC Group. Partner, co-founder of National Parks at Night. I create curiosity and positive change.
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    Christian Domecq
    Photographer and B&H Marketing Guru
    Christian is a pro at the art of amateur dabbling in the creative fields of photography and sound design. Happiest when he learning something or teaching others a new skill.