Join photographer Matt Hill for a master class on how to approach photographing a meteor shower with the intent to create the ‘holy grail’ radiant composite.

Night photography is exciting. Meteors are even more exciting. Flaming balls arcing across the sky, wow! But what if you want to deliberately capture these meteors and assemble it into a single image that shows where they originated from?

This final image composite simulates all the meteors coming from the radiant - or said another way, it appears as if all the meteors coming from a single origin in the sky.

But the meteors aren’t the only considerations. There is also a star point base layer and a proper landscape exposure.

Join Matt for a soup to nuts explanation on how to prepare for and shoot the remarkable experience that meteor showers bring.
  • How to find the radiant in the sky
  • Researching sky and weather conditions
  • What gear to bring
  • How to photograph the meteor shower
  • Report on this year’s Perseids meteor shower
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