About This Webinar
LondonR is a free meet up group for users of R stats. We meet regularly for presentations from the R community. These events are free and open to all, whether you're R curious or an expert. LondonR is proudly organised and sponsored by Mango Solutions.

While we can't meet in person we have been hosting the meetups online - so grab a drink and join us for some R presentations from the comfort of your own home!
  • 3.55pm: Laura Swales, Mango Solutions - Welcome
  • 4.00pm: Paulito Palmes, IBM Dublin Research Lab - JuliaR for data science and machine learning workflow
  • 4.30pm: Elizabeth Brown, Mango Solutions - Creating a Shiny Dashboard as a Tool for Learning Git
  • 5.00pm: Omotayo Ikudayisi - Business Analytics with R
Laura Swales, Mango Solutions
Community and Events Manager
Paulito Palmes, IBM Dublin Research Lab
JuliaR for data science and machine learning workflow.
I am a research scientist at the IBM Research Europe (Dublin Research Lab) working in the areas of analytics, datamining, machine learning, reinforcement learning, automated decisions, and AI.

I finished my Doctor of Engineering degree from the Toyohashi University of Technology in Japan (2005). I have a Master's degree in Computer Science majoring in Artificial Intelligence (Ateneo de Manila University, 1995) and a Bachelor's degree in Applied Mathematics (cum laude, valedictorian) at the University of the Philippines in the Visayas (1991).

I used to work as a technical staff for two years in the Neuroinformatics Lab of RIKEN Brain Science Institute, Japan. I worked as a Postdoctoral Fellow in the National University of Singapore and the National Neuroscience Institute working on diverse topics such as context-aware reasoning, datamining models for activity recognition in smarthome environment, detecting biomarkers for Parkinson's Disease by image processing of fMRI and DTI images, and automated diagnosis of movement disorder for intelligent healthcare.

Moreover, I held an Asst. Professorship for a total of 6 years in the University of the Philippines and Ateneo de Manila University. My research interests include datamining, optimization, development of intelligent agents using machine learning and evolutionary computation, neuroinformatics, and biomedical engineering.

I created and maintain the following Julia packages:

AutoMLPipeline (Automated Machine Learning Pipeline): https://github.com/IBM/AutoMLPipeline.jl
TSML (Time Series Machine Learning): https://github.com/IBM/TSML.jl
Julia wrapper for Lale in Python: https://github.com/IBM/Lale.jl
Github repos: https://github.com/ppalmes
Elizabeth Brown, Mango Solutions
Creating a Shiny Dashboard as a Tool for Learning Git
I am a Professional Placement Student at Mango Solutions with a key interest in Data Science and Shiny app development.
I enjoy presenting and delivering workshops, having presented at LondonR and BarcelonaR.

A best practice in Data Science is using Git for version control, something which isn't introduced until working in industry.
Thus, I have developed a Shiny dashboard as a tool for beginners to learn how to use Git. In my presentation I will give a demo
of the app and how I have used {golem} and {shinyjs} in its development.
Omotayo Ikudayisi
Business Analytics with R
A business analyst with AB Microfinance bank Nigeria with experience and background in business research, analytics and development.