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    The fallout from the pandemic in 2020 has brought both unique and novel employment law challenges unlike any other year. As we move into 2021, employers need to continually monitor and stay on top of new legal developments as they look to effectively manage their workforce obligations into the New Year. What are the most pressing employment law and workforce legal challenges they will be facing in 2021? How should employers prepare themselves in advance to protect their organizations from potential liabilities? What are some of the top legal employment, accommodation and health and safety issues companies need to watch out for?

    • How might workforces be impacted as the pandemic continues to affect organizations in the New Year? What types of legal issues might employers be facing?

    • What case law and regulatory developments from 2020 are likely to have the greatest after-effects in 2021?

    • What can employers do now to ensure they are prepared for potential new litigation threats coming down the pipeline?
    - Types of litigation to expect

    • What changes should employers be considering for: employment contracts, workplace policies, and health and safety measures?

    For enquiries, please contact jackie.ramirez@keymedia.com
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