About This Webinar
What are industrial gases and where do they come from?

This presentation will give an overview of this chemical industry and many of the gases employed beyond nitrogen, oxygen, argon and carbon dioxide. We’ve all seen cool videos of liquid nitrogen and oxygen on social media, what else are they good for?

Aside from freezing things and burning stuff, there are many other applications that industrial gases are vital for, from inertization, oxidation and water treatment to health care and industrial cryogenics. Some history of the gases will be presented and also how they’re used.

Hang on, isn’t CO2 bad for the environment?

Sustainability is a driver in the industrial gas industry like most others and the shift from fossil fuels to renewables will also be discussed. Supply modes will also be presented with some discussion on design & process safety.
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    Alex von Muralt
    Senior Engineer, Air Liquide
    Alex von Muralt is a senior engineer with a bachelor of engineering (chemical) degree from James Cook University in Townsville. He has worked in the industrial gas industry for the last 10 years of his 17 year career. His roles have focused largely on installation and maintenance of industrial gas systems across Queensland primarily in the industries of mining, energy, health, food, manufacturing & laboratory.

    After graduation, Alex worked in the regional Queensland city of Mackay for a small instrumentation start-up. This gave him the opportunity to work and travel in a very hands on role. Subsequently he worked for a process engineering consultancy and then moved to Brisbane to work for Air Liquide.
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    Thomas Rainey
    Senior Lecturer| Chemical Process Engineering Coordinator, Queensland University of Technology
    Chair of Joint Chemical Engineering Committee (JCEC) QLD
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    Fiona O'Connor
    Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE)