With the work environment now constricted by an onslaught of travel regulations and safety mandates throughout the world, the rules for talent mobility have changed drastically. Join us in this webinar to explore key trends and recommended relocation strategies that would empower you and your organisation to manage the repercussions of COVID-19 and adapt to this fast evolving global environment.

Webinar details:

A lot has changed due to COVID-19, but the key deliverables of global mobility remain much the same – from recruitment optimisation and leadership development to retaining top talent and the mitigation of risks in new geographies. But with dramatic shifts observed in core business activities such as the closing of offices and prolonged remote working, how has the role of talent mobility changed?

In this 60-minute webinar, we will outline four key emerging trends and share powerful strategies with you to empower you and your organisation as you navigate current and future talent mobility challenges.

Here are key takeaways to look forward to:

  • Global workplace:
  • Keep up with the latest immigration and quarantine rules to ensure compliance and safety while managing overall risks associated with global mobility.

  • Relocation travel:
  • Balance employee safety, business needs, and cost-control in a world where pre-approvals and heavy controls on travel are likely to remain in place indefinitely.

  • Talent development:
  • Close the gap between local and assignee populations to ensure globalisation and growth in the middle of a pandemic-stricken world.

  • Digitalisation:
  • Accelerate digitalisation to support ongoing cross-border situations as well as the pre-requisites of virtual assignments.

    All participants of this webinar will receive an e-copy of the whitepaper, Cartus Relocation Playbook Post-COVID-19. This whitepaper is a result of Cartus’ collaboration with their clients, which explores the clients’ challenges and unique ways of overcoming the issues. Showcasing these findings and knowledge from Cartus’ vast global network, this invaluable resource explores some key relocation market indicators and recommended strategies to navigate our new environment.

    3:30 - 3:32 |
    Introduction, welcome note and topic overview
    3:32 - 4:02 |
    Presentation by Alzone Ang and Robert Line, both Vice Presidents of Global Talent Mobility at Cartus
    4:02 - 4:22 |
    Live Q&A
    4:22 - 4:27 |
    Wrap up and summary
    4:27 - 4:30
    Closing of webinar
    Wed, Oct 14, 2020 · 3:30 PM Singapore (GMT 8:00)
    Alzone Ang
    Vice President – Global Talent Mobility, Cartus
    Alzone Ang has more than 15 years’ experience in the global mobility industry, with a proven track record in managing strategic client relationships.
    Since joining Cartus in 2005, he has worked on multiple client engagements, ranging in size from one of our largest international clients managing over 3,000 employee relocations per year to smaller regional clients. After assuming management responsibilities in 2008, Alzone took on leadership roles on new client engagements, managing large and complex start-up operations.
    Throughout his management tenure, Alzone has led all aspects of relocation, including the moving services function, expatriate compensation, and mobility shared services throughout Greater China, Northeast Asia, ASEAN and the Australasian markets.
    In his current role as Vice President – Global Talent Mobility, Alzone has regional leadership responsibilities for Cartus’s Global Talent Mobility practice and he is accountable for the relocation operations in the region. In addition, he also leads the global engagements for some of Cartus’s strategic clients, overseeing the service delivery teams in every region working on those clients.
    Currently based in Singapore, Alzone has experience living and working in China, ASEAN and Australia.
    Paul Franco
    Director – Strategic Business Solutions, Asia Pacific, Cartus
    Paul Franco has over 17 years of Global Mobility/Relocation outsourcing industry experience. He currently provides strategic talent mobility solutions to multinational companies in the APAC. His main focus is to provide strategic guidance and assist organisations to achieve optimal process improvements, cost-efficiencies and increase employee satisfaction in their global mobility programs.
    Originally from Manila, Philippines, Paul has lived and worked in China, Hong Kong and Singapore for various global mobility roles. This has allowed him to develop his cultural sensitivity and global mindset. During his spare time Paul loves to travel and cook.
    Robert Line
    Vice President – Global Talent Mobility, Cartus
    Robert Line (Rob) has been in the Global Mobility/Relocation outsourcing field for more than 20 years, focusing on client global mobility programme design and execution, as well as the impact of culture on relocation and related business change processes.
    In his tenure at Cartus, Rob has held management positions in multiple business lines in both Europe and Asia. He is a frequent speaker and communicator on global mobility issues and has served on the Board of the Asia HR Outsourcing Association (HROA).
    As Vice President – Global Talent Mobility, Rob directs a broad spectrum of activity, leading some of the region’s highest profile and most complex outsourced corporate relocation engagements and driving operational delivery and account relationships for key clients. Throughout the past decade, engagements under Rob’s direction have won multiple industry and client awards for partnership excellence. He has also been responsible for Cartus Asia’s Moving Services business, India service hub opening and growth, and he designed and chaired the company’s first regional Client Advisory Board.
    A UK national, Rob has also lived and worked in Japan and in Singapore, where he and his family have been since 2008.
    Jennifer Balboa
    Head of Operations, Global Mobility, Philip Morris International
    Currently the Head of Global Mobility Operations for Philip Morris International, Jennifer Balboa has over 17 years of industry experience. A highly regarded leader and a strategic and operational subject matter expert, her role includes practical and insightful management of complex, large-scale relocations. Her track record demonstrates market-leading success with some of the most demanding organizations in the world.