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Getting Students Talking … Open Questions in the Math Classroom

Tue, Sep 20, 2016 · 9:00 PM · Eastern Time (US & Canada) 861 views
About This Webinar

“Focusing on Argumentation” - It sounds great in principle, but what does it really look like in the classroom?

In this session we will explore a number of questioning strategies that
can be used to provoke student thinking as students dive deeper into
their mathematical conceptual understanding. In particular, we will
explore how to build math communication and inspire classroom discourse
by integrating open questions in our classrooms. More than just focusing
on a Standard for Mathematical Practice, come explore questioning
prompts that will ensure our classroom tasks are accessible to all
students, while continuing to push their thinking.

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Featured Presenters
Webinar hosting presenter Mishaal Surti
As the Learning Coordinator for Secondary Mathematics and Student Success with the Thames Valley District School Board in London, Ontario, Mishaal Surti support teachers in 160 schools exploring mathematics pedagogy. These experiences have led to the facilitation of workshops and sessions for the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, Ontario Association of Mathematics Education, University of Western Ontario, University of Toronto, the University of Ontario Institute of Technology, and the Educational Computing Organization of Ontario. Mishaal also continues to support educators as an instructor in the Masters of Mathematics Education program at Western University Canada.
Webinar hosting presenter Debbie Boden
I teach 7th & 8th grade math in Thousand Oaks, CA for 1 more week! I also teach pre-service elementary and secondary math methods classes at California Lutheran University, in Thousand Oaks.
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Global Math Department webinar platform hosts Getting Students Talking … Open Questions in the Math Classroom
The Global Math Department began as a group of teachers who knew each other through Twitter, math education blogs and Twitter Math Camp. Since 2012 The Global Math Department community has grown into a multi-faceted group of math educators who love to share their ideas related to teaching and learning mathematics. We recognize that as educators we are charged with promoting equity and access within mathematics instruction. In addition, we believe it is crucial that teachers be provided with quality resources and ideas that they can use immediately with their students. Lively and friendly conversations in our weekly webinars encourage all participants to share and continue to grow as educators.
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