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GIRLSwSTEAM: Finding opportunities to Enrich and Empower Girls in Education

About This Webinar

Girls in American classrooms are eager to learn in the STEM and STEAM disciplines, but they bring with them isolating histories related to gender in these fields. "Although there is a general perception that men do better than women in math and science, researchers have found that the differences between women's and men's math and science-related abilities and choices are much more subtle and complex than a simple 'men are better than women' in math and science" (Halpern, Aronson, Reimer, Simplkins, Star, and Wentzel, 2007). This presentation will refocus our attention on gender specific theories associated with histories, powers, and freedoms for women and girls, and the lack there of, that contribute to how they see themselves in American classrooms today. Tenets of equity will be analyzed to depict practices we can pragmatically implement to empower girls in classrooms in the era of gender fluid classrooms. Statistics associated with girls in STEM classrooms and fields will be illuminated to examine the future for mathematics given contributions of girls in the future. Rochelle Gutierrez (2018) stated, "People don't need mathematics, Mathematics needs people." This statement reiterates that mathematics as field will need the diverse perspectives of a variety of people. Girls have the potential to bring fresh, new, creative, and innovative ideas to the table of the science. Lastly, we will set our sights on areas of improvements outlined by the U.S. Department of Education to propel girls, young ladies, and women forward in classrooms today and in the future.

Recommended Grade Level: K-12

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Featured Presenters
Webinar hosting presenter GMD Host Coordinator - Leigh Nataro
Host Coordinator
I am a mother, wife and math teacher. I currently teach at Moravian College in Bethlehem, PA and my favorite class to teach is statistics! This is my 27th year of teaching and I am a Desmos fellow and Desmos certified presenter. @mathteacher24 is my twitter handle and I blog at mathteacher24.blogspot.com. I have several tech related videos for stat and TI-NSpire at www.youtube.com/mathteacher24. Feel free to ask me questions about National Board Certification (renewed in 2015). I also enjoy singing, reading and staying fit using workouts from Beachbody (P90X3/TurboFire/21DFX).
Webinar hosting presenter Natalie Holliman
Executive Director of GIRLSwSTEAM
Natalie Holliman brings to the table a raw, cutting edge, and “above all” innovative approach to preparing students for their futures and supporting educators throughout their careers. In academia she has obtained a BSE in Math and Science Education, MSE in Gifted and Talented, and a Specialist degree in P-12 Educational Leadership. As a life-long learner and an avenue to pursue one of her passions, she achieved credentials in Massage Therapy. She is currently finishing her last semester as a Ph.D. candidate at Texas Tech University focused on Global STEM Education.

Building on the creative spirit that exudes through her journey as a STEM educator, she founded GIRLSwSTEAM, a non-profit organization that provides young ladies with opportunities to engage creatively with STEAM curriculums.

Natalie appreciates and shares with listeners that leadership in the field of education is a moment to moment choice and not about title, tenure, or position but one of necessity- making the best decision for students foremost. As an author, she writes on issues of Intersectionality using Critical Theory as a lens in professional journals which equips educators with proven tools for success in the field.

Natalie is a national leader in the educational community and a sought out speaker in the area of education, mathematics, educational leadership, equity in the field, and Global STEM collaborations. Natalie uses her frank and no nonsense three-step approach to leading in the field of education to enrich, educate, and enhance the lives of students and educators each and every day.
As a lover of life, Natalie enjoys playing tennis, spending time with family, and experiencing new opportunities in new spaces.

Webinar hosting presenter Amanda Riske
Doctoral Student
Amanda taught math internationally in Norway, Germany, China, and Washington, D.C. for 12 years. She thrives when she can help students apply math to contexts that are significant to them. She is now pursuing a Ph.D. at Arizona State University in Learning, Literacies, and Technologies, specializing in Statistical Literacy.
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Global Math Department webinar platform hosts GIRLSwSTEAM: Finding opportunities to Enrich and Empower Girls in Education
The Global Math Department began as a group of teachers who knew each other through Twitter, math education blogs and Twitter Math Camp. Since 2012 The Global Math Department community has grown into a multi-faceted group of math educators who love to share their ideas related to teaching and learning mathematics. We recognize that as educators we are charged with promoting equity and access within mathematics instruction. In addition, we believe it is crucial that teachers be provided with quality resources and ideas that they can use immediately with their students. Lively and friendly conversations in our weekly webinars encourage all participants to share and continue to grow as educators.
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