Since almost a century, logging has been the key to unlock the reservoir potential in the oil and gas industry and the road towards the new discoveries all over the world. Petrophysics is considered the core of the subsurface evaluation from the new ventures through to mature reservoirs. With the revolution in the logging tools, log analysis has become the greatest link between geoscience and engineering.

Several workflows have been developed for effective formation evaluation, either in simple reservoirs or in the rocks of complex lithologies. However, all have been established to define four main output profiles, the clay volume, formation porosity, reservoir saturation and rock permeability. With the evolution of the current tools and rock measurements available, accuracy in the reservoir petrophysical properties has become a major factor in all prospects assessment. Several well log examples will be presented with the complete petrophysical interpretation workflow, from the detection of formation lithology and clay volume calculation to the permeability dependent on rock types.

As our industry journey advances, petrophysics lightens the road for the new successful subsurface stories, and it will for many years to come
Tuesday, October 27, 2020 · 11:00 a.m. Abu Dhabi (GMT +4:00)
Abdelrahman Ali
Director and Consultant Petrophysicist, Denali Formation Evaluation Services
Abdelrahman is a Senior Petrophysicist with extensive experience in formation evaluation and reservoir characterization. He has a Master’s degree in Petroleum Engineering from Heriot-Watt University in the UK and currently pursuing a PhD degree in petroleum engineering from Curtin University in Australia. Abdelrahman has participated in several projects in different location around the world including the Middle East, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Throughout his career, Abdelrahman held various positions in several major prestigious operator companies including Agiba Petroleum Company in Egypt, Dana Petroleum Egypt, Dana Petroleum Netherlands B.V. and currently he is the director and a consultant petrophysicist in Denali Formation Evaluation Services based in Australia.