This presenter always believed that life happens outdoors and this is why he left the oil industry to start his adventure tourism company. Despite the fact that he did create a company in the tourism field, one of their core values is human development, they use the outdoors as a tool to help people understand the concept of having a goal and achieving it. They achieve this goal by providing a platform of discipline and camaraderie in a fun and exciting way.

They created a program that focuses on how they can develop the individual by providing a unique adventurous experiences with a focus on the following five elements:
1. You Can Do It – Independence and leadership development.
2. Being Prepared – The importance of safety outdoors (proper equipment, time and energy management).
3. One Team- The importance of team work.
4. Love Your Land – An introduction to nature, regional geology and archeology in a fun and simple way.
5. On Time – Discipline and time keeping, through practical day to day activities.

In 2018, they conducted the first two week accredited field session for King Fahd University for Petroleum and Minerals with more than 50 faculty and students. The outcome was excellent and the results exceeded expectations, which led to the second accredited field session of more than 70 students and faculty in 2019. Hussak Adventures are aiming now to make this available for other universities in the region, whether it is in the field of engineering, earth science or art. The impact of this program is beyond a certain discipline and must be experienced by any group of young students as part of life development skills.
Ali Husain
Owner of Husaak Adventures
Ali Khalil Husain is trained to be a petroleum engineer but born to be an explorer. Ali was born Kuwaiti and spent 11 years working in the energy exploration business for BP in Alaska and the Arctic before coming back to the Arabian Peninsula to continue the exploration work for BP in off-shore Abu Dhabi and later in Oman. In 2016, Ali decided to leave the oil industry and his prestigious job as the Petroleum Engineering Manager for the world’s 5th largest oil field to focus on the adventure business he started, Husaak Adventures.

Since the start of Husaak in 2013, Ali has been working diligently in helping advance this human development goal in the region. Husaak’s focus on developing GCC nationals by introducing them to the adventures in the great outdoors, through Husaak, we have succeeded so far in introducing over 8000 individuals to our weekend adventure trips in Abu Dhabi, Oman and Saudi Arabia, as well as our longer annual expeditions to Alaska, Mongolia, Antarctica, Uganda, Chile and Tanzania. Husaak also introduced the Unconventional Classroom concept and working closely with educational institutes like KFUPM and social enterprises like Emirates Nature to develop the next level leaders for Saudi Arabia and UAE. On the business front, Husaak significantly grew from a small adventure shops in a garage to 3 different businesses and 8 Adventure Centers and offices across Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi.
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