Mike Simmons & Andy Davies, Halliburton

In this talk, we will explore the complex issues of energy transition and environmental sustainability, and demonstrate that geoscientists and the hydrocarbon industry will play a crucial role in supporting society through a period of unprecedented change in the coming decades. We will discuss: (i) the role affordable energy plays in society and energy poverty; (ii) the nature of the energy mix in coming decades and the pace of the energy transition; (iii) the evolving role geoscientists will play in securing energy from a variety of sources, whilst also supporting carbon storage needs; and (iv) how geoscience research can evolve to meet the needs of a changing society.
Mike Simmons
Technology Fellow for Geosciences and Exploration at Halliburton
Mike's research interests encompass petroleum exploration workflows, especially integration with sequence stratigraphy; eustasy in the geological record; regional stratigraphy and petroleum geology, specifically the Middle East and Black Sea regions; applied biostratigraphy; and the history and future of geology. His career has spanned both industry and academia, working at BP, Aberdeen and Cambridge Universities, Neftex, and most recently Halliburton, where he is a Technology Fellow for Geosciences and Exploration. He has a degree and PhD from the University of Plymouth and is a Visiting Professor at the University of London.
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