Digital Teaching & Learning - Lessons from Lockdown

FutureScot, in association with Vscene, is hosting a special two-part series of digital teaching and learning webinars, in which we will discuss cutting-edge innovation designed to help school and college leaders deliver hybrid learning approaches through the adoption and use of technology.

The experience of delivering education remotely during lockdown saw school and college leaders embrace new technology at an unprecedented rate: years of digital change and evolution have been compressed into a matter of weeks and months, with many long-term goals realised.

Although schools and colleges are slowly resuming something approaching a normal service, the threat of further local lockdowns - and enforced absences from the learning environment - means that the technology journey is set to continue, and leaders can benefit from clusters of innovation that have already embedded themselves across the country.

Join us in this knowledge share session, exploring the context of Scottish education in terms of its remote learning challenges and capabilities. The webinar will reflect on the achievements and models that have emerged from the pandemic - and how we can best harness them going forward - and it will assess how the response had led to greater collaboration, as we find new ways to enhance digital teaching and learning, transitioning to the online pedagogies of the future.

Who should attend:
- Head of Education
- Head Teacher/Principal
- Head/Manager of IT
- Curriculum Manager
- Distance/E- Learning Manager
- Head of Digital Strategy
- Head of Learning/Teaching Spaces
- Learning Technologist/Teacher
  • Education & learning
  • Leadership
  • Digital Skills & Literacy 
  • Technology, Infrastructure and Device Provision 
  • Data Security 
  • Safeguarding 
  • Categories:
    • Education & learning
  • When: London
  • Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Price: Free
  • Language: English
  • Who can attend? Everyone
  • Dial-in available? listen only: Not available
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