Join the Friends of the Farm Lecture Series and Sage EndoOM CannaBlissHUM for an interactive virtual experience on May 1st at 6pm.

In this unique webinar, participants will have the opportunity to bring their bong to yoga class and delve into the fusion of ancient yoga practices and the use of cannabis. Led by Sage, a Marine Corps Veteran and graduate of Oaksterdam University, this session will explore the deep-rooted ties between yoga, mantras, and cannabis.

Discover the significance of basic yoga poses, sun salutations, and mantras, and learn about their connections to ancient traditions such as surya (the sun) and Agni (the fire element). Explore how these practices invoke divine presence within us, offering insights into the internal altar of our bodies.

Designed for beginners interested in incorporating yoga into a healthy lifestyle, this interactive webinar will provide guidance on how to integrate these practices effectively. Participants are encouraged to have their yoga mats, 2 blocks, blankets, 2 pillows, and a smoking device or method of their choice ready for the session.

Sage's personal journey of healing, rooted in ancient methods manifested through meditation, cannabis use, yoga, and Ayurveda, adds a profound perspective to the session. From overcoming severe medical conditions to finding solace in cannabis, Sage's story highlights the transformative power of these practices for modern healing.

Don't miss this opportunity to explore the intersection of ancient wisdom and contemporary wellness practices. Reserve your spot today and embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing.
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    Friends of the Farm Lecture Series
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    Sage EndoOM CannaBlissHUM
    Veteran and Founder Amoré Organics LLC
    I am a Marine Corps Veteran from Ohio, who right after my military service I went to Oaksterdam University in Oakland Ca in 2011.

    My healing journey began after having a Jet Fuel exposure in 2009 while training for a deployment to Afghanistan and multiple serious adverse reactions to VA medications and having the Chemical Toxicity misdiagnosed as Simply PTSD until testing with a naturopath in 2022 my healing has been rooted in Ancient Methods Manifested through Meditation, using Cannabis, practicing Yoga and Ayurveda. There were a few years and still are times that I could not even get a sip of water down without first smoking Cannabis, after an anaphylactic reaction to the VAs Vitamin D in 2018. I believe that I Cannabis is likely the reason I’m still alive.

    I have survived eating Organic/All Natural foods with little to no processing to detox out Jet fuel from serving in the USMC and managing other military related health issues by Practicing and Studying Vedic ways to provide and spread Wisdom and access to a Vedic way of living for All People and the Earth. Taking various teachings and elements from the Vedas, Ayurveda, and Yoga I applied those teachings to my Medical Cannabis use in order to direct the effects and increase the relief from medicating Cannabis by medicating my Prana by smoking after activating the body with Asana practice, clearing the pathways with Pranayama (breath-work) and then solidifying the intention to then direct the effects with a guided meditation or Yoga Nidra.

    With Sages Amoré Organics my Goal is to Spread access to Organic foods while Cultivating Spiritual Seeds, clearing and balancing energies through educating clients on a Yogic and Ayurvedic Approach to Living incorporating Cannabis use as a Supplement to your Health and Overall Quality of Life.
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