Have you ever wondered how THC gets you high?

Most people know that THC is the molecule responsible for the famous high associated with cannabis. But how does this cannabinoid create this euphoric feeling, and why is THC one of the only cannabinoids that creates a psychoactive effect?

Join us to learn how THC affects our brain and the pathway to intoxication. Our special guest is Dr. Codi Peterson, Pharm.D. M.S., Chief Scientific Officer at The Cannigma, an online resource for evidence-based information on every issue surrounding cannabis – from safety to cooking to medical research.
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    Kandice Hawes-Lopez
    Host of the Friends of the Farm Lecture Series
    Kandice has been a leader in the cannabis space for 20 years. In 2003 she founded Orange County NORML after losing her college financial aid. Since then, OC NORML has become one of the most consistent and strong NORML chapters in the country, earning numerous awards.

    In 2016 Kandice served as the Principal Officer for the PAC that successfully qualified a ballot measure in Santa Ana which led to the cannabis dispensaries operating there today. She currently serves as the Community Outreach and Event Manager at Glass House Brands where she organizes educational programs, oversees their multi-store SB34 program and organizes events for all retail locations.
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    Dr. Codi Peterson Ph.D. M.S.
    Chief Science Officer at The Cannigma
    Codi Peterson, Pharm.D. M.S. is The Cannigma's Chief Science Officer. He is a practicing pharmacist with a passion for cannabis-based medicine. Given his diverse pediatric pharmacy experience and knack for educating, he tries to share his knowledge whenever possible. Building on his experience teaching healthcare professionals about pharmacology and pharmacotherapy, he aims to educate as many as possible about the medicinal potential of cannabis.