Join us for an enlightening webinar on small craft cultivation and its vital role in the world of cannabis. We are excited to host esteemed guest speakers Chemistry Co-founder and CEO Paul Roethle and Director of Sales Mason Miller who will shed light on the importance of craft cultivators and their adoption of regenerative practices.

Our speakers will discuss the intricacies of craft cultivation and share insights into the cultivation methods employed by craft cultivators, focusing on sustainable, environmentally friendly, and regenerative approaches. By utilizing organic farming techniques, these cultivators prioritize the health of the soil, biodiversity, and the preservation of natural resources.

Moreover, our guest speakers will explore the advantages of extracts and wellness products derived from craft cultivation. They will discuss how regenerative practices lead to superior quality, terpenes, and potency, resulting in a more profound and nuanced experience for consumers.

Whether you are an industry professional, a cannabis enthusiast, or simply curious about sustainable cultivation practices and their impact on extract quality, this webinar is a must-attend event. Don't miss the chance to engage with our esteemed speakers from Chemistry and deepen your understanding of the crucial role played by small craft cultivators in shaping the future of cannabis.

Join us to learn about the significance of small craft cultivation and its undeniable importance in the cannabis industry.
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    Friends of the Farm Lecture Series
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    Paul Roethle
    Co-founder and CEO of Chemistry
    Before launching Chemistry, Paul and Trevar founded Peridot Labs. The Oakland-based B2B manufacturing lab offered custom cannabis extraction, compounding and formulation services to the burgeoning industry utilizing novel extraction and refinement methods developed by Paul. That experience and supply chain relationships that were formed led to the launch of the CHEMISTRY brand. Since late 2017, CHEMISTRY has been a innovator and leader in the California market focused on high-quality, sustainable, and expertly-crafted products.

    Paul spent 7 years at Gilead Sciences, with a majority of that time being spent as a Research Scientist in Medicinal Chemistry. Paul was a key team member on projects focused on developing drug candidates for HIV, hepatitis, and immunology. Paul finished as a Senior Manager in Project & Portfolio Management where he managed the design, implementation, and update of project development plans for global and pediatric programs within the liver disease therapeutic area.

    Paul holds a Ph.D in Organic Chemistry from University of California, Berkeley, and a B.S. in Chemistry from the University of Wisconsin, Madison.
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    Mason Miller
    Director of Sales at Chemistry
    Mason moved to Los Angeles from Beulah, Colorado in 2015 and immediately started working in the California cannabis industry. Coming from an outdoor growing background in Colorado, Mason quickly accelerated in the cannabis space while developing a love for science and education still unfolding about the plant.

    Starting as a budtender at The Higher Path in Sherman Oaks California, Mason quickly rose to management within a few years and was consecutively top in sales. He continued working at The Higher Path for nearly seven years where he created the Education and Training Department responsible for constructing and teaching Master Classes in retail cannabis and patient consultations. Mason led a team of trained Consultants and created the Patient Consultation Program, helping medical patients with their cannabis needs.

    In 2020, Mason created The Higher Path Compassion Program which helped over two hundred Veterans and patients get their medical cannabis for free through SB34 and worked with multiple brands and industry leaders such as Sean Kiernan from Weed for Warriors and Sweetleaf Joe who guided him in developing these programs. Outside of The Higher Path, Mason has worked as an Education Specialist and consultant for the publishing company Flowertown and a Sales and Marketing consultant for Resonate Blends.

    In August of 2022, Mason was hired to be the SoCal Regional Sales Manager for Chemistry. In May of 2023 he was promoted to Director of Sales in California.