This holiday season impress your friends and family or just please yourself with delightful holiday-themed cannabis mocktails and food pairings. Joining us is Xander Shephard co-founder of Artet, one of the leading cannabis beverage companies in California.

Artet is a family company: two brothers and a cousin who love cannabis and cocktails in equal parts. Together they make amaro-inspired, THC-infused beverages that stimulate appetite, elevate time spent with friends, and look right at home on the dining room table.
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    Friends of the Farm Lecture Series
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    Xander Shepherd
    Co-Founder of Artet
    Xander Shepherd is the co-founder of Artet, a cannabis beverage company he founded alongside his two cousins. He is on a mission to even the playing field between alcohol and cannabis in social settings with an emphasis on creating products that balance the elegance of a well-made cocktail with the benefits of plant-based consumption. Before founding Artet with his cousins, Xander spent five years working in creative consulting for an award-winning brand strategy agency in New York City and before that running a music festival in Chicago.