The THC fallacy known to be frustrating cultivators the world over, is that cannabis with higher THC percentages is of higher quality, or higher potency, than something with a lower THC percentage.

Join us to explore the high THC fallacy and examine evidence surrounding cannabis potency and effect. Our guest speaker is Nate Winokur from BelCosta Labs who will share his insights into the misconceptions around THC levels and discuss the impact of this fallacy on consumer buying patterns.

In this webinar we’ll cover the science behind cannabis potency, how it is measured, and explore the myths and misconceptions surrounding high THC levels and the impact they have on public perception and policy. Viewers can expect a thought-provoking discussion that will challenge your assumptions and deepen your understanding of this important topic.

Nate Winokur is the Vice President of Strategy and Operations at BelCosta Labs, one of Southern California’s principal licensed cannabis testing facilities comprised of nationally renowned experts in the field who are dedicated to driving growth in the science community.
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    Nate Winokur
    VP of Strategy and Operations
    In 2011 Nate began working for large-scale Cannabis Laboratories, where he was instrumental in bringing Cannabis Science and Lab Testing to Southern California. Nate built this operation from a single employee to a fully functioning lab of 18 employees. Nate's in-depth, hands-on experience allowed him to grasp many areas within the science and engineering of Cannabis. Finally, in 2016 Nate ventured out on his own to assist extraction labs with their build out, development, process flow and optimizations to produce quality products.

    This led Nate in helping to develop and launch the next-level of Cannabis Analytics; combining perfected analytical methods, re-engineered operating systems, customized technology, and thorough experience of Cannabis - through this vision, BelCosta Labs was born. Based in Long Beach, BelCosta is a groundbreaking lab - with fast turnaround times, consistent/true science, competitive pricing, and a deeply-rooted understanding of Cannabis. They have quickly risen to an overnight success story, and a beacon of what future Cannabis labs should be.

    Nate's passion and extensive knowledge of Analytics, Extractions, Cultivation and Infused Products has continued to allow him to be very successful teaching on the effects of Cannabis in a professional setting. To this day Nate is engaged with Cannabis Science & Education to the fullest, and his commitment to the Cannabis plant and community give him the drive to succeed. He is excited to watch this community continue to grow into the mature industry it was born to be."