Friends of the Farm Lecture Series presents an exclusive webinar featuring Dr. Jeffrey Raber Ph.D. from The Werc Shop. Join us on Wednesday, August 23rd, for an insightful session on "Using Hemp Cannabinoids to Activate the Entourage Effect."

The entourage effect is a fascinating phenomenon observed when the various compounds, including cannabinoids, terpenes, and other compounds, work synergistically to enhance each other's therapeutic potential. Dr. Jeffrey Raber, a leading expert in cannabis science and CEO of The Werc Shop, will guide us through the intricacies of this phenomenon and explain how it can be harnessed for optimal health and wellness benefits. Dr. Raber will also discuss how cannabis brands are currently harnessing cannabinoids derived from hemp and adding them to formulations to drive a better medicinal effect.

What to Expect:
• Introduction to The Werc Shop: Learn about the pioneering work of The Werc Shop and its contributions to cannabis research and analytical testing.
• The Entourage Effect Demystified: Gain a clear understanding of the entourage effect and how it impacts the overall efficacy of all cannabinoids. Dr. Raber will break down the interactions between cannabinoids, terpenes, and other hemp compounds.
• Unveiling Cannabinoids: Explore the most prominent cannabinoids found in hemp, such as CBD, CBG, CBN, and more. Understand their unique properties and potential therapeutic applications.
• Understanding Product Formulations: Understand why cannabis brands are adding hemp derived cannabinoids to their formulations to help drive the entourage effect.
• Safety and Quality Considerations: Dr. Raber will touch on the importance of third-party testing, quality assurance, and safety protocols to ensure you're using cannabinoids effectively and responsibly.
• Q&A Session: Towards the end of the webinar, we'll open the floor to questions from participants. Dr. Jeffrey Raber will be pleased to address any queries you may have about the entourage effect, cannabinoids, or The Werc Shop's research.

Why Attend?
By participating in this webinar, you will gain valuable insights into the entourage effect and how to optimize your consumption for enhanced wellness benefits. Whether you're new to the world of cannabinoids or seeking to deepen your understanding, this webinar promises to be a valuable and enlightening experience.

Disclaimer: This webinar is for educational purposes only. All attendees must be of legal age in their respective regions. The information provided is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Please consult a healthcare professional for personalized medical advice.
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    Friends of the Farm Lecture Series
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    Dr. Jeffrey Raber, Ph.D.
    Co-Founder of the Werc Shop
    Dr. Raber received his B.S. in biochemistry from Lebanon Valley College, PA and
    subsequently a Ph.D. in organic chemistry from the University of Southern California
    with an emphasis on developing new synthetic methodologies useful in pharmaceutical
    drug discovery and manufacturing efforts. Dr. Raber studied botanical phylogenetic
    relationships based on the RuBisCO enzyme’s evolution while in college and was
    named to the USA Today 1997 All-USA College Academic Team for his research
    accomplishments in this area. Dr. Raber entered cannabis in 2010 and has published 5
    peer-reviewed articles on cannabis topics. Dr. Raber has been invited to lecture about
    cannabis around the world, holds multiple patents on cannabis-based technologies,
    particularly pertaining to terpenes, and is often sought out by the press to comment on
    topics as he is recognized as one of the industry's scientific thought leaders.