Cannabis has long been associated with creativity and artistic expression. Many famous writers, musicians, and artists have credited cannabis use as an inspiration for their work. However, the relationship between cannabis and creativity is complex and not fully understood.

There is some evidence to suggest that cannabis use can enhance certain aspects of creativity. For example, studies have shown that cannabis can produce an altered state of consciousness, which can be conducive to creative thinking. It can lower inhibitions, reduce anxiety, and increase openness to new experiences, making it easier to explore new ideas and perspectives.

Cannabis can also enhance sensory perception, making colors brighter, sounds richer, and tastes more intense. This can help artists and musicians to tap into their senses and create more vivid and expressive works and induce a state of flow, which is a psychological state of total absorption in a creative task.

Join the Friends of the Farm Lecture Series as we welcome Lisa Snyder the Co-founder of Tokativity, a global community of plant medicine advocates rooted in feminism. Learn ways you can tap into your own creativity using cannabis as a tool for exploration. Anyone can be an artist and no training is required. We'll talk about how you can use cannabis to explore your creativity as well as different art forms you can explore solo or with a group of your best buds!

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    Friends of the Farm Lecture Series
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    Lisa Snyder
    Co-Founder of Tokeativity
    Lisa Snyder is the Co-Founder of Tokeativity, The Global Feminist Community for Active Cannabis Culture & The Founder of Elle*Eye Digital. She is a feminist, a business advisor, a digital artist and plant medicine advocate with over 25 years of digital strategy experience. She passionately supports the self-healing revolution through consumption, plant medicine advocacy and digital liberation.

    She has been recognized for her work in Forbes, Rolling Stone, Condé Nast Traveler, & Yahoo! Finance among others.

    Over her career, Lisa has produced over 500 interactive community events for feminists across the globe and has designed everything from websites, apps, ecommerce sites, to membership portals and NFTs. She is the co-creator and an executive producer on Bridges, a web series about race, equity and inclusion, Haus of Jane, events produced in partnership with Women Employed in Cannabis and co-author of The Mommy Jane’s Guide to Changing the World through Social Media.

    After losing both parents to cancer in her 20’s, Lisa turned her attention to women's liberation through cannabis normalization with a feminist twist and launched Tokeativity in January 2017.

    She is a board member of Sweet Jane Magazine and The Oregon Cannabis Association. She is passionate about educating small business owners, cannapreneurs and women on all things digital, AI, AR, NFT and the web 3.0 movement. When she’s not on the computer, she’s spending time with her wife Cat and her dog, Ziggy in Portland, Oregon.