As the baby boomer population ages, the total number of people with dementia will undoubtedly rise. Estimates vary, but experts report that in 2020 more than 7 million people aged 65 or older are living with dementia.

With so many people and families living with the disease scientists are just now beginning to study the use of cannabis to treat the symptoms and behavioral issues associated with dementia. A few clinical trials, and many personal accounts, have identified that cannabis can help manage behavioral symptoms in people with dementia, including agitation and aggression. Cannabis can also help those living with dementia maintain regular sleep and increase their appetite.

Join the Farmacy Cannabis Lecture Series for a special presentation on cannabis as a tool for those living with dementia. Our guests are Chela and Dave Coennen from the Cannabis Helps Dementia podcast and authors of CBD for Seniors: 12 Things to Know When Trying CBD or Medicinal Cannabis to Ease Symptoms of Aging & Improve Brain Health". They will join us with interview clips from their podcast with leading doctors and researchers including Dr. Ethan Russo, Dr. Dustin Sulak, Dr. Bonni Goldstein, and Dr. Jeffrey Hergenrather. Following the presentation, Chela and Dave will discuss their journey and take your questions.
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    Chela and Dave Coennen
    Cannabis Coach's and Host's of Cannabis Helps Demetia Podcast
    As family caregivers, turned advocates, who were so inspired by her mother’s near decade-long journey through Alzheimer’s dementia, Chela and Dave Coennen launched Cannabis Helps Dementia podcast, started Coach Chela Consulting and wrote a movie script loosely based on their experience called Last Resort, an Alzheimer’s Pot Dramedy. Their book, “CBD for Seniors - 12 Essential Things to Know When Trying CBD and Medicinal Cannabis to Ease Symptoms of Aging and Improve Brain Health'' is available on Amazon.

    In their short CliffsNotes-style guidebook, they’ve extracted the most essential information that they learned since beginning their journey using CBD and medicinal cannabis to help people in relationships with dementia. When their education about Alzheimer’s and related dementias began, they were average working people thrust into family caregiving, and through that life-changing experience, they became fierce advocates and educators.

    Chela and Dave learned so much, and saw so much, that they started care-gap coaching and providing plant-based education to other caregivers and organizations. CBD for Seniors draws on their many years of family caregiving experience as well as the interviews they’ve conducted for Cannabis Helps Dementia podcast.

    After more than twenty-five years working as crew in film and television, it is now Dave and Chela's mission to improve the lives of older people experiencing debilitating illness through care gap training and plant-based education. Find them at

    Check out their podcast Cannabis Helps Dementia at

    And their Cliff Notes-style guidebook
    CBD for Seniors: 12 Things to Know When Trying CBD or Medicinal Cannabis to Ease Symptoms of Aging & Improve Brain Health available at