The Friends of the Farm Lecture Series welcomes you to participate in an interactive virtual session where cannabis, creativity, and intention converge. Our guest speaker is Lisa Snyder, the visionary Co-Founder of Tokeativity, who will lead us in setting intentions and creating cannabis visions boards for the New Year.

Gather your magazines, canvas, glue, and scissors and start your own vision board that reflects your positive intentions for the year to come. Transform your aspirations into tangible visions and deepen your connection with cannabis as a tool for holistic growth, self-discovery and intentional living.

Whether you're a seasoned cannabis enthusiast, a creative soul, or someone seeking fresh perspectives for the New Year, this complimentary virtual session will bring you inspiration and help you set a productive path for 2024.

Join us and embark on a creative odyssey with the Friends of the Farm Lecture Series!
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    Friends of the Farm Lecture Series
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    Lisa Snyder
    Co-Founder of Tokeativity
    Lisa Snyder is the Co-Founder of Tokeativity, The Global Feminist Community for Active Cannabis Culture and also the founder of Elle Eye Digital. After losing both parents to cancer in her 20’s, Lisa turned her attention to women's liberation through cannabis normalization with a feminist twist and launched Tokeativity in January 2017.

    She is a feminist, a business advisor, a digital artist and plant medicine advocate with over 25 years of digital strategy experience. She passionately supports the self-healing revolution through consumption, plant medicine advocacy and digital liberation.

    She has been recognized for her work in Forbes, Rolling Stone, Condé Nast Traveler, & Yahoo Finance among others.